Sunday, June 8, 2014

[CafeKL] Departure Lounge in Solaris ... ❤

So we went to departure lounge to discuss our assignments ...
I hate you, assignments. 

They serve breakfast menu all day long and you able to customized the breakfast to your own liking. 
I decided to try it out and selected 5 items from the selections and it costs RM14.90

I selected omelette, hash brown, pancake, salad and mushroom (canned) together with wholemeal bread. 
Nicholas selected 7 items which cost RM16.90

I like the (fresh) omelette, the (canned) mushroom and the (delectable) hash brown. 
I don't think the pancake which is not fresh-made one because it tasted exactly like the waffle i had in the Caffe Bene. It had been there before it served to us. >...< The salad, no. Just no. Not nice. The wholemeal bread is rather hard man. Just like the pancake. >...< 

I'm wondering whether those pancake dishes taste exactly like the one i had on my breakfast platter. 

The ambient of the cafe is fine. Quite classy but only if you get the sofa. xD
The wifi there is fine. Not speedy nor slow. 

Yea. Self-service. 

Overall, it was not a bad experience just that i hope they serve fresh food, like fresh fresh especially come to bread and pancake kind of food. 
No one like un-fresh food. >...<

Thanks for reading. ❤

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