Sunday, June 29, 2014

[CafeKL] Podgy and the Banker in Sri Hartamas... ❤

Monday so blue huh?' 
Woke up around 6am just to workout a little because i have been binge-eating for like one whole week. Damn.

Have no idea what is happening to my body?!!!! 
NON-Stop craving food and non-stop eating! Aww >...< 

Fine. Back to the food!
We went to Podgy and the Banker. Have you guys heard of it? It is around Sri Hartamas area. Waze lah huh ~

I wanted to try baked egg sandwiches but baked eggs was all sold. In the noon. :/
So i had Nutella French Toast and a Chocolate Banana Cake

I tell you what?!!
The Chocolate Banana Cake is awesome! Tasty! Delectable! Really damn nice! xD
It is quite big in portion and cost RM7.00 #giveme10more
#totallyworthit #wasgoingtoordersomemorebut...

Regarding the Nutella French Toast
It wasn't my preference! Maybe because the nutella wasn't thick enough. It was quite a thin layer and it wasn't 'nutella' enough (for me) in between the bread so why don't you be generous a bit? xD 
You are able to add on banana which only cost RM1 more. 
It costs RM10.00 (without banana)

Move on to the environment. 
Tell you something embarrassed! We were ordering then in the midst of it, i told my friend that there are quite a number of handsome working here (we were in front of the counter and handsome are behind the counter) in Mandarin. They don't look like Chinese for me because they are so fair-skin so i automatically assumed they don't know Mandarin mah! The moment i finished my sentence, the cashier snickered! >...< *run* #selfservice

The decoration and embience was quite nice. 
The table and chairs are quite classy! I love it!
But only if there wasn't much noise?!! We went there on Saturday so it was crowded but it was really too noise, it is like in pasar? I feel like i had to shout in order for the person who was sitting opposite me to hear me! What?! 

Not a good place to have some "me-time" or chitchat. 
Just go and eat and enjoy the handsome/charisma's view!

Cheers for the Chocolate Banana Cake!

Thanks for reading ... ❤

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