Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eyes, Nose, Lips ... ❤

 I have watched Ringa Linga's MV and i'm falling in love with TaeYang
I guess i just love every Kpop star with white hair, just like T.O.P. >...< 
(i know him only when he had white hair on) 

To be honest, i don't (really) listen on Korean's song. 
The reason is simple. It is because i don't understand what the hell they are trying to say through the rhythms and melody. #LOL. 

But i do love some Korean's song and i think it is by virtue of the rhythms and melody. 
(still have no idea what is the lyrics mean)

I felt like laughing when i was playing EYES, NOSE, LIPS by TaeYang
It sounds melancholic but i just couldn't bring myself to be melancholia with it. xD

I'm starting to catch on the melancholia after playing few times and it does sounds nice.
I mean the song is good but it will be better if i can understand the language. >...<

When my friend asked me to listen to some certain korean's song and told me that they love it and they feel so sad with the song going on, i'm like "Oh, so you understand what are they singing? " 
Okay lah. Enjoy your song lah.

TaeYang, talk to me only when you are shirtless and with white hair on. xD

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