Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[Korean Cuisine] Bulgogi Brothers in MidValley ... ❤

Did i ever mention that i have fallen in love with Bulgogi Brothers ?' 
I even went there alone to finished my assignment ! #MidValley

I'm really in love with their side dishes ! 
I hope i can order them out of the menu but NO ... #Lol. 
Anyways, they are refillable and it comes with anything you order.

I hope they will make some effort on adding more dishes for Vegetarian. 
So far, there is only one which is COLD SPICY NOODLES !

The ambient is nice.
But the wifi is rather slow >...< 
Never packed with person which is a good thing (for diner) !

Don't really have any comment on it. 
But warn you, it is real spicy and it might flush your bowel. xD

Tea of the Day, Memil Cha - RM3.00 

Let's move on to the side dishes ...
The Lotus Root. NICE.
The Pumpkin. NICE. 
The Vege. Not bad. 
The Kimchi. Okay. 
(i personally don't really like the taste of kimchi) 
The Kangkung. NICE. 
The Strips thingy. NICE. 

Every visit makes my tummy bloated like shit but it is super satisfying.
And they are all basically vegetables so they are definitely more healthier than anything else. 

You may think that the price is a little prohibitive for just a noodle ...
But there are refillable side dishes and there are all so damn delectable. 

They've launched a rebate card which you will get 10% rebate in every transaction you made which is quite worthy man. It is also applicable for other restaurant like TGIF. For more info, you may visit their shop or website. 

Thanks for reading. ❤

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