Monday, June 23, 2014

Malaysia's Bible Issue ... ❤

Okay ... 

I thought since primary school, we (everyone who in the school) have already been told that we should respect each other's religion, culture, customs and so on?
Then i don't know what is this? Finding blaspheme against Islam for having bibles in the church? Puh-lezzzz.... It wasn't in the mosque what? 

This bible's issue is just so damn ludicrous man!
I bet we have become the jokes for many countries. 

Was it because Christian are so much better than Ixxam then they realized and wanna bring down the whole community? #Lol. #WHAT?
Or are these people just non-educated at all? Hmph ... #WeNeverKnow

Respect each other and stop creating hassles and puh-lezzzz focus on how to make Malaysia a developed country man. Focus on how to make the country's system effective and efficient a tiny bit, perhaps? We all will be appreciate.
57 years still an undeveloped nation. Oh man. How embarrassing it is?!

Isn't there anybody out there to speak out? 
I believe there is another authority above them right? Like the constitution. But what they really do arr? After all these years. #Lol. #BaiLengCom

Whatever lah~ 
Iz Like Tat! Malaysia. *shake head*

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