Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh Your English! ... ❤

Let's set the ball rolling. 
I'm inspired by an old friend of mine to blog about this. ENGERISH. ENGLISH.

Let me share the conversation between us:-
(i'm not trying to humiliate anyone! Just trying to show you how ludicrous it is if you don't work hard on your English and stop finding excuses!) 
You may laugh at her but how is your English ?'

A: My English so bad, broken English. How to improve ?
Me: ( i told her many times how i'm working on my English but ... Keep reading)
A: I so sadness ... :( 
(should be "i'm so sad.")
Me: There is no sadness in it. Work hard or fail. 
A: I want to improve my English. 
Me: You may try the Cxxbrixxe English course. 
A: Lol, that problem i always reject. 
Me: Self-study, perhaps ?'
A: I can't. 
Me: See. That's why!
A: I mean must have someone to help me. Capture i to study. If no i will "Man Bu Jing Xin"
(Should be "I mean i need someone to guide me and help/discipline me with my study, if no i won't be able to get it done.")
Me: If you keep demanding someone to help you with it then in the end you won't get anything done. No one is free for you. Get a bf who is good in English, perhaps ?
A: Impossible. U are so best English, i so envy
(Should be "You are so good in English. I'm jealous.")
Me: Because i work hard and blah blah blah ...
A: Somemore you study in college, can conversation with friends right ?
(Should be "Furthermore / Moreover" there is no "Somemore/Sumore")
Me: Somemore, you are working and you have to converse in English right ?
A: So stress. I will gonna study English course
(Should be "I'm going to take the English course.")
Me: If you don't wanna spend money then read more ...

If you have been a regular visitor here then you will notice that my ENGLISH has improved/improving.
(i'm still working on it >...<)  

Let me share about my ENGLISH 'journey' with you. 
I'm not born with an ENGLISH-educated family and in fact my parents know nothing, not a word about ENGLISH. They don't speak ENGLISH nor understand it. I used to communicate only in Chinese. Serious. But that doesn't mean my Chinese is good, they are just conversational. 

I realized ENGLISH is important as an international language when i was in Form 4 or 5 (and i always wanna to be with ang mo xD) and i had made some effort on it by reading more and memorizing more vocabularies. But there wasn't any chance for me to practise my ENGLISH speaking because i was in a Chinese-based high school. Everyone speaks Chinese. 

I always hoped that i would get the highest score in the ENGLISH exams. #neverhappen


We wasn't acquainted with each other so when you made a new friend, you stick with her. 
One day before the class started, the 'new friend' hoisted herself up and heading to the door so i was nervous by virtue of didn't want to be left alone so i asked "You go where ?'" and guffaw ensued with my phrase being repeated. I was so embarrassed! but i didn't know what was wrong :(
(In case you still have no idea, it should be "Where are you going ?'")

My ENGLISH progressed by leaps and bounds! in the college. 
Everyone speaks ENGLISH. No matter how broken your ENGLISH is, you have to speak especially when you need to asked for assistant. Since then, i communicated only with ENGLISH except my family (but we wasn't close with each other)! My ENGLISH speaking improved but my grammar still weak. 

Me and my sisters was taking ENGLISH course in Cxxbrixxe English Centre which costed an arms and a leg but we never appreciated it and just simply quit without any valid reason. No grammar improvement done. 

I am feeling lucky that i'm having Fundamentals of English in my course. #whydon'ttheymakeitacompulsorysubjectearlier

After all the above bullshit, what i'm trying to say is that my ENGLISH is not bestowed by Gawd. I worked hard on it and i'm still working on it. I wanna to be able to write articles with perfect grammar and some big words! >...< 

I remembered there was a 'phase' which my ENGLISH wasn't good enough to express whatever i'm trying to say/share so i just kept everything to myself (so that people won't laugh at my broken ENGLISH) and people thought i'm shy. >...< NO! I'm talkative like shit and i always want to talk! How pathetic it was ?!' 

I read! I type! I practise! I speak! 

Sometimes, i'm still stammering and struggling with ENGLISH. I'm not good enough yet and i'm working on it! I think everyone should work on it, no matter how fast or slow the progress is! No matter fast or slow, it is a progress and it is progressing! Spare a little time a day to LEARN a new vocabulary and how to make sentences with it or READ a book? Check every single solitary word you don't know! Don't assume! If you not sure about it, check. I know how it feels like when you have to check almost every single word in a page and even after checking every single words, you still have no idea what is the page about! >...< SPEAK! No matter how broken your ENGLISH is! If people laughed at you then ask them how and what it should be then you will remember because you was mortified by it. WRITE or TYPE in ENGLISH! Check with your friends before you published the status whether the grammar and vocabularies used are correct. Watch more English-language movie, LISTEN and follow with the subtitles. 

Don't you envy the one who speaks fluent ENGLISH?' 
Then work hard on it. Never pray for it to be bestowed. No excuses! 
Don't hate those who made fun of your English because in the end they are who propelled and motivated you. #butistilldon'tlikethem

Gambateh! Fighting! 

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