Sunday, June 22, 2014

Restaurant Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza ... ❤

The best cheese pizza i have ever had!

Restaurant Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza. 
Locates in Pavilion, Food-Court-Level.

I'm a vegan! and whenever me and my friends go for a meal, they always take me into account when they are choosing which restaurant to go for. >...< #MaFanRenWu
They wanted to have pizza, so do i. 

But they wanted to have a meat pizza. 
Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza provides a half-half pizza which enable you to choose you different pizza and combine it so that you don't have to order two plates to have a taste on two different pizzas! 

If i didn't mistaken, other Pizza shops do provide the same service. 

So i asked for a Cheese Pizza and if i didn't mistaken, they had a Hawaiian Pizza. 
The Cheese! Aww >...< I miss them! 

The cheese was really really GOOOOOODDDDD!

If you are looking to have a good cheese then this restaurant will be the perfect choice for you. (Oh. Italiano)
But if you are looking a satisfying pizza's crust then it may be a little disappointed here. It was kind of a thin crust but with GOOD cheese. You get what i mean? #YourChoice

The price is considerably moderate. 
It wasn't like prohibitive for a pizza nor was it cheap. Just in the middle of them. xD

We ordered a regular-size combined-pizza, a drink and a glass of warm water and it costed us RM45++. #Hmph...

But the cheese was really GOOD! #worthitlah. 
Thanks for reading. 

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