Friday, June 20, 2014

[REVIEW] TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend ... ❤

I like love FOODS! 
I always ate something that make my body overheated and causes breakout on my face. Need not to mention about fats hor. #NoSelfControlOne #ItIsRealHardMan #FoodMah

So i actually force myself to workout (to be exact, sweat) everyday so that i won't be suffering any breakout nor ulster in the mouth nor headache! 
But sometimes, it is really tiring to workout everyday man. Of course there is cheat day and i think there is lots of them! #LOL. 

I have never tried any detox thing before as they said it is only laxatives inside and what they aim to do is just let you poo. When you poo, you automatically think it is really working. But who need laxatives when my digestive system is good enough? (of course not like eat what then poo what lah) 
I poo everyday. Sometimes if i have eaten too much then twice lur. #before

TruDtox sent me a package of their product to try it out ... 
Let me tell you my first impression toward it. 
The smell was so damn strong that i thought "Shit! I have to drink this shit!". 
The first sip was so damn horrified because of the smell and it wasn't taste very nice. 
No String attached to the sachet. 

First and second day. Consumed consecutively.
NOTHING HAPPENED! (or maybe i haven't eaten much enough.)

Took a break on the weekend. 

Monday until Thursday. Consumed consecutively. 
SOMETHING HAPPENED. I poo and the frequency is like Oh My Gawd! xD
I don't think it is affecting my appetite and it just happened that i ate lots and get waken up in the midnight just to poo. It is really frustrated but i don't feel bloated at all no matter how much i ate man. Isn't it awesome? 

You will get used to the smell and taste. 
It isn't that bad actually and now i'm actually kinda addicted to it. xD

I feel like drinking it every day and get detox every day! 
But i don't recommend to consume it everyday. 

Sign of toxicity:-
Overeating, bloatedness, constipation, overweight, gastrointestinal upset, allergies, skin problems, acne, headaches, tiredness, sluggishness, mood swings and even aches and pains. 

What about TruDtox:-
TruDtox is a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and for strengthening our body's detoxification organs. It works gently and does not contain harsh laxatives that can cause bowel dependency. 

- helps cleanse toxins and pollutants from your body
- promote normal functions of your body's detox organs 
- safe for regular continuous use 
- no dependency
- improves digestion 
- improve overall health 

A pack of TruDtox contained 15+2 teabag sachets and it is worth RM88.50. 

For more information, kindly visit 


Miss Ika said...

I heard a lot of review that TruDtox is a good product to reduce toxins
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Betsy said...

Hey Uni, great review! Love it! Do you use hot boiling water or microwave water?