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Stay Young and Smart with Eskayvie ... ❤

"Unlock Secrets to YOUTHFUL, 
Enriching Lives from Within."

So anyone is looking for supplement to stay forever young or to stay smart and sharp?
Because i might have something you are looking for!

I attended Eskayvie Radianze & IQids Product Showcase, it was held in Pullman Bangsar Hotel which collaborated with The Butterfly Project
My camera defaulted and all the pictures in the memory "Ka-Boomz" gone! #wtf I have been using my phone as my camera. >...< I didn't take good #OOTD pictures on that day but good product's pictures! #Awwwww 

We were so damn late by virtue of the idiotism of the Waze! 
The Hotel is under the bridge but then when we are right in front of the hotel (but on the bridge), it told us "You have reached your destination!" and we couldn't figure out the way to get under the bridge to the hotel. We were surrounding the hotel like a maniac! #LOL. 

Finally. My Google Map made it. We safely landed. 

We missed most of the presentation of the product but we did taste-test the product and had our high-tea. 
Pullman Bangsar Hotel was so generous with the preparation of the high-tea. It wasn't just high-tea. There was lots of food. Desserts. Assortments of salads. Bihun. Curry Chicken. and so on. I ate tons because they were really delectable! 

Let's move on to the products! 

A chocolate-flavored supplement for kids. 

" The combination of Omega-3, Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidylcholine can help spark your child's excellence as certified by the hundreds of international clinical studies. Certainly a wise and worthwhile investment for the future of your beloved child." - by Dr Syid Ayob Alqudri. 

What is the BENEFITS of consuming it?!'
✔ Helps develop a stronger body defence. 
✔ Provides a potent array of immune factors. 
✔ Helps promote growth and development. 
✔ Support memory and alertness. 
✔ Helps to build stronger bone and teeth. 
✔ Helps promote bowel health. 
✔ Promotes better sleep. 
✔ Helps promote muscle relaxation.
Does not contain any artificial coloring. 
and so on. 

Direction of Usage:-
Mix 1 sachet with 150ml of cold or room temperature water (strictly X warm/boiled water). 
(1-12 years old) 1 sachet daily. 
(above 12 years old) 2 sachets daily. 

"I-Qids is just amazing! Now, Mahran doesn't get sick easily. He's also become smarter, talkative and converses like an adult." - Mahran (4 years old)'s mum.

"Alya used to get sick pretty often but not anymore. Now, she rarely needs to see the doctor. I guess I-Qids must have boosted her immune system. At school, her grades are also improving." - Alya (12 years old)'s mum. 

"I just love the chocolate taste! I take I-Qids with breakfast before going to school and also at night before my study time. It keeps me focused and my concentration improves a lot. I feel healthier too!" - Farahin (15 years old)

It is really a chocolate-flavored rich drink and i should really start taking it right before my class!
I want to get FULL marks! #seriouslikeshithere

Eskayvie Redianze

Do not hide the signs of aging, defy them ...
Redianze = beauty + health

Redianze = an aid to Beauty Reviving + Health Restoring
✔ Prevents wrinkles and sagging skin
✔ Enhances skin textures 
 Eliminates freckles, blemishes and uneven skin tone
✔ Boosts skin's natural hydration and radiance
✔ Promotes tissue regeneration to heal injured skin and scars
✔ Provides internal protection from sunburn 
✔ Minimized appearance of cellulite 
✔ Improves hair quality, thickness and strengthens its protective sheath
and so on. 

Direction of Usage:-
Daily (one hour before or after meal) 
Add 200ml of cold or room temperature water (strictly X warm/boiled water) for each sachet

- Low in calories 
- Aids in burning of fat during exercise
- Suitable for men
- No known side effects
- Not addictive

"I feel beauty should be maintained while we are still young. I wouldn't want to wait to get the wonderful benefits of Redianze. I feel that my complexion is getting better and nails getting stronger by the day." - by Sam Wong (20+ years old)

"A sachet is all it takes to help keep my energy levels up. I can last longer on the treadmill and after ,y workout, i don't get burned from muscle sores. Another plus is that my acne problem is really improving." - by Alex Khoo (30+ years old)

"I see a lot of improvement on my skin's condition in just two weeks. Fine lines disappeared and my skin, especially the cheeks, became firmer and plumper. Overall, I am more energized to face my daily tasks." - by Sandy Lim (50+ years old)

You don't say "I'm too young to take any collagen supplement." !
You don't wait until your body start losing collagen to take collagen supplement. You take collagen supplement as early as your 20s to retain the youthfulness of your skin. 
Redianze is on peach-flavored. 

I'm going to start consume it and it stated after 6 days of consecutive consuming, i will be able to see visible results. I will let you know whether i'm younger and my skin texture smoother. :)

Thank you Eskayvie and The Butterfly Project for the products and the opportunity to try it out. 
Other than these i-Qids & Redianze, Eskayvie has other product for femininity, weight loss, detox and so on. 

Check out their website for more info:-

Stay Young!
Thanks for reading ... ❤ 

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