Thursday, July 3, 2014

#3 Fitness - Yoga vs Workout ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
I really miss doing FITNESS! blog post. Here i am to do one! Finally!

What posted in my Instagram, those are the high-calories foods i have consumed all this while. What is shown above are what i had on yesterday's night. Everything! on the picture! I could have more than that actually >...< The cakes are from TWG. Singapore Surprised (yellow-color cake) was so damn delicious. Stay tuned for the post. xD

I have never stood on the weighing scale because i don't want to be dictated by it. But seriously, i have gained weight fats. My stomach is no longer considerably flat. Nothing like what i had shown before >...< My diet plan is on! AGAIN!

I wanna to share with you guys what i did before and what i'm going to do to get myself back in shape. I have to admit that i have been slacking off in my workout routine and i bet that's why. :/

My workout routine:-
Morning (before work) --> 20-30 minutes workout 
(5 mins of skipping rope & 15/30 mins of workout from Nike Training Club's app) 
Night (before bed) --> min 1 hour Yoga
(from Daily Yoga's app) 

My Diet Plan's Diet :-
Have my brunch after workout, before heading to work. 
(Usually it is a plate of rice + dishes! - mummy's cook)
Some snack like Yogurt in the evening. 
(to improve bowel movement)

I wanna share with you guys the apps which i find it really HELPFUL for my workout session!

Start with the Nike Training Club
It is FREE of charge and it is from Nike!
Get Lean! Get Toned! Get Strong! or Get Focus!
Time duration of its workout is about 15 to 45 mins. 

Workout is unavoidable when you want to slim down and you don't expect Yoga will ever slim you down. :/ You need to do workout to boost your cardio and improve your metabolism in order to stay slim and keep your body burning fats. 

Workout helps to speed up the slimming process and still let you eat regularly but with less portion. Or else you will have to stop eating to slim down. It is hard! It is toiling! Sometimes i just couldn't catch my breath in the middle of workout! But i ensure you, you will feel so damn good after it (til next round) and your mind will be sharper and clearer compare with before you have done any of the workout.

There isn't a "Next" button for you to skip any of the workout. #NoCheating There is a short video showing you how the workout is to be done and a voice guiding you in the workout. The equipment needed is mentioned, like dumbbells, resistance band, skipping rope and so on. 

Some of the workout is just too hard for me so i cheat. I couldn't do even one push up. I bet my arms are weak. It just couldn't bear the weight of my body! >...< If you can do it then do it! and push it to your limit. xD So you are not wasting your time. You are working for your own not anybody else. No one will ever care what do you look like or whether you do workout. They may judge or criticize but they never care!

You don't have to stick with the app for your workout session. 
You might look for something like this from Instagram or other social network. 

It spices up your workout session. 
You don't do the same thing every single day. You will get bored and start slacking off and eventually cease doing any of it.  

I know you need motivator. I already get you one! xD

Move on to Daily Yoga!

It isn't FREE and it costs around RM13-RM20 per month. 
I'm not sure their Mid-Year Sales are still running. If yes, you could get it RM13 per month. If not, it will be around RM18 per month. 

Why Yoga?'
Because during Yoga, it actually relax your mind and calm you down which i really enjoy. It helps you to relax and stretch the muscle so you will look less bulky (after workout) especially legs. It helps sedentary person from getting rid of accumulation of fats in certain area like butt or stomach.

You may want to go for a Yoga class before you start practising any of this at home. You need a mentor to guide you through all the posture and help you in stretching the muscle. You might over-stretch or hurt your back without any guide beforehand. 

Do it slowly, concentrate on your breathing and listen carefully on what the voice is saying instead of keep turning your head to the screen to see what is the next step. You may do it right after your workout session or just skip it but stretch a little after your workout. It is all up to you to utilize any of this. I'm just sharing with you. :)

The screen isn't just a stationary picture but a people who is doing Yoga. I like it and it makes me feel like i'm not alone. Even though i am alone doing Yoga in the house. :/

I know i shouldn't have mentioned anything that have to be paid because it looks like i am hard-selling the app but N.O. i'm sharing with you because i think it is really helpful and worthy enough as it wouldn't cost only RM20 to attend Yoga's classes per month/everyday. You are able to do it any day and any where you want! 

Beside than working out and doing Yoga, 
you may want to take great care on your diet's portion. The portion is the key. You may still be able to eat cake or whatever high-calories foods if you want but remember to balance it out (the calories) and control the portion then you will be good! 

Cheat Day is important. You can't be too strict to yourself!
You may inducing the opposite effect. Binge-eating consecutively or emotionally unstable. Allow yourself to have a or two cheat day then only you will work hard after that for your goal (while feeling guilty)! xD

Thanks for reading ... ❤

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