Thursday, July 17, 2014

CDM 25 - Kiki Incident ...

People think they will be able to get away with it. 
That's why they acted without thinking. 

I was so damn mad on watching the video.
I was going to be berserk like the KIKI. but toward KIKI. 
I think Peugoat needs to apologize as well and why are you sponsoring KIKI any money?  #youseriouslyneedtoconsiderthat

How on earth people could be mad and went berserk to an old man
How dare you? Even though different race, he doesn't seem like someone irresponsible. 
Why went berserk in the first place? Accident? then lodge police report and claim insurance. That's all you need to do. Nothing else. NOTHING ELSE!

The most ridiculous thing is ... 
The uncle's car didn't have any dent on the area that was being touched (with the Peugoat)! Do you think your new Peugoat will have any dent? Unless your car is made by yourself lah. 
I'm strongly believe that her new Peugoat has costed her everything. Like literally everything in her bank. 
That's why she went berserk and intimidated for RM2,000 just for a little 'something'. 

Why has she been interviewed by fm?
I don't get it! Her side of story? Do you mean we can't trust what we have seen in the video?
The uncle actually had smacked her in the brain before she thumped his car with the magic stick?'
You must be kidding me! Leave the uncle alone, puh-lezzzz ~~~~

Anyways, does she really feels contrite or just for commercial purpose huh?'

Stop with the ranting. 

It is your (take Kiki's side lah har) new car so you want to do everything you can to make sure it is  immaculate as long as possible. The moment it get 'hurt', you are hurt inside your heart as well. I FEEL YOU! EVERYONE FEELS YOU! 

But think ...
What if the Uncle wasn't just an uncle but a muscular guy with a solemn face, would you even dare to be mad even thought it was his fault and your whole car is gone? 
No! I'm pretty sure you won't and you will try to haggle for the best deal for yourself softly and gently. 

What if it was an old Auntie?'
I bet this didn't make any difference to KIKI but some of us. 

What if it was your family member?' 
Like your wayward brother?' Or your mother?' 
Will you still do the same thing?' 

No matter WHO and what happened ...
Think before you acted. 

Went berserk get nobody nowhere. 
You are indirectly killing yourself and showing the world how uncivilized you are. 

Everyone has emotion. Simply because we are human beings. 
But when something bad happened, will being angry solve your problem? Even a little? 
NO! It might exacerbate but never solve the problem. 
When something bad happened, calm down and think of what is the best solution instead of throwing your tantrum around. 

If my new car being knocked on, undeniable i will feel like grasping a 'magic stick' and smack the person (who knocked my car) and liquidize his/her head. But i realize ...
I'm only allowed to do so if i'm in an action movie. :/
In real life, there is no such thing!
You smacked the person's head, you will be charged as homicide. 

We feel like high-5-ing someone in the face almost all the time but we simply don't do it. 
Simply because we can't!

Luckily there is someone cam-recorded the incident.

Just think before you acted.
You will never able to get away with everything!

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