Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hungry Ghost Ritual 盂蘭神功 ... ❤

Did i mention before that i am a HORROR freak ?' 
I just realized i'm actually watch HORROR to de-stress myself :/
#interesting #butitreallyworks

There was a few horrors i watched but they didn't satisfied me at all. 
I felt lagi down when i paid but didn't get the scaring effect as i expected. >...<  

Hungry Ghost Ritual is directed by Nick Cheung. 
It caught my breath. It made me shiver. It made me feel 'geli'. It made me wanna stand up. xD

I'm impressed that this HORROR is filmed in Malaysia. 
I'm really really impressed with the acting skill of Nick Cheung. 
(i didn't watch Beast Stalker >...<)
After watching the movie, he is good at the directorial work!

I'm strongly recommended this to anyone is looking for something scaring.
Even though i don't really like the ending, still ...
Rate : 4.5/5.0

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