Thursday, July 24, 2014

10 Ways to Become a Better EQ Person ... ❤

오늘 Friday Friday 짜릿해 우리 모두 하나 될 Party Time
Today’s Friday Friday it’s thrilling, we will have a Party Time
오늘 Friday Friday 즐겨봐 Ohohoh 끝이 없는 이 밤
Today’s Friday Friday let’s enjoy it, Ohohoh till the end of the night

I cried my heart out yesterday night and now i'm feeling so much better! 
I wanna share with my mum and others how crying can soothe the mood swing and make you stay positive all the time and so on. But whenever i said i cried, she/they thought i'm in deep sadness and ask me not to cry but think of how to solve the problem. :/

I don't cry because there is something on my way and i'm stumbling through it. 
NO! That's not me! 

I cry because me myself need a break. Because me myself need an emotion exile. 
That's why i cry. I used to cry almost every week because i was so free that i had all the free time to get myself into crying but nowadays, i'm simply too tired and exhausted to get into crying and that's why you see me mood swinging and getting more and more pessimistic! 

When problem arouse, i simply deal with it no matter how ludicrous it is. 
I don't cry over it or trying to cry it over. 

I'm quite pleased with myself being so optimistic all the time. 
Nothing is unfortunate for me. Everything happened for a reason. God wants you to learn something from it. Usually a lesson. 

Not able to cry made me really 'fragile'. 
A little 'problem' - perceived situation that different from what i expected might upset me immediately and this is so not good! 

I'm gonna share with you guys how to make your own day count.

1. Give a hand to the needy
Like offering your seats to an auntie or helping a parent to carry the pram over the staircase and so on. You will feel so much better when you give someone a hand and NO. you don't need any reward to feel better after that. It's spontaneous. 

2. Cry. Laugh. Whenever you want. 
Hmph ... I myself personally do not prefer to cry in the public lah. xD 
What i'm trying to say is that you are a human being, do not get in too much emotions but never let it out. Watch a sad but romantic movie and cry your heart out. Watch a comedy and laugh your heart out. Or even a horror to revive yourself. xD 
Let yourself be free. 

3. Workout. / Exercise. 
Try to eat smart because finding out yourself gained a or more pounds is so damn depressing. xD 
Do some Yoga to relax yourself through breathing. Or do some cardio workout and you will feel great afterward. Your choice. 

4. Eat some cake!
I know cake is fattening but if it makes you happy then who cares?' 
But that doesn't mean it is for every day and every meals. I'm pretty sure you will be in despair after a week by seeing the numbers on the weigh scale. xD 
Or maybe the sweet sweet macaroon. 

5. Talk to someone
Tell your friend all the bullshit you feel like telling someone. 
If they're your friend, they will listen and bullshit with you. Learn to listen to your friend's bullshit as well, sometimes they could be so interesting. 

6. Some "Me-Time" for yourself 
Go to a cafe alone. Watch a movie alone. Shop alone. 
"Talk" to yourself. Away from all the hassle and be alone and think whatever that have set aside or do whatever you always want to do (when you are alone). 

7. Believe in yourself 
Believe that you can make it. You will make it. 
I thought that having to work and study simultaneously would be hard. So damn hard that i can't breath. But NO! It is quite interesting and I'm going somewhere compare to giving up. 

8. Do what you want. 
If you want to go travel. Save money, do some research and go. 
If you want to study but no money, NO SUCH THING. There is always a way. 
If you want to quit your job and get a job that you truly interested in, go ahead. 
Nothing last unless you truly 'invest' yourself in it. 

9. Say "NO!" 
Don't be a 'YES' person and make yourself feeling terrible and like shit. 
Even boss, if there is illogical demand, say "NO!". 
But i guess you can't say it to your wife. :( 

10. Learn to appreciate little thing in your life. 
For example, mummy cook something you don't really like today but it is healthy so mummy still love you and it wasn't because you talk back to her the other night. 

Live as you were to die tomorrow, 
Learn as if you were to live forever. 

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