Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ippudo in Pavilion ... ❤

My high-school bff have come back from Taiwan.
She is on her summer break. 2 months! #jealous #envy

We see each other whenever she comes back from Taiwan. 
We don't text each other at all when she was there or even when she is here, in Malaysia. xD

But luckily there isn't any gap between us when we were hanging out!
We exchanged details about our life. Nag about no man in our life. and so on. xD 

We watched Transformer - Age of Extinction. 
Serious Awesome. Movie. Everyone should watch it. 

 We tried Ippudo because i have never tried it before and so is she.
I had Yasai Rice and Unagi Roll! She had Shiro Chashu (Ramen)!

I heard that the Ramen's soup is made of pig's fats/oils. :/
She didn't exclaim that it tastes good nor is she given any comment on it. 

Yasai Rice was awesome! I love it so damn much! 
It costs RM12. 

It satisfied my craving for pizza hut and roti canai simultaneously. xD
I love how was the rice taste like, i love the cheese and how it made those vegetables so damn delectable. I just love it! But the portion was considerably small for me. >...< 

Unagi Roll costs RM15. 
I didn't know there is fish in it or i just order the wrong dishes >...< 

I can't tell you whether the fish is fresh because for me, there wasn't any taste on it. #vegetarian 
But without the fish, the sesame, rice, cucumber and sauce made the perfect roll. I kind of love it but i hope i wouldn't have to pay for what i wouldn't eat. :/

I realized there is a lot of sesame in my dishes. #LOL.

 The restaurant located at the 4th Floor and it was quite crowded. 
(we went there on Sunday) Definitely not a chilling place. Just for the sake of food. 

Thanks for reading ... ❤ 

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Happy walker said...

i love Japanese food so much!!!