Monday, August 4, 2014

[CAFEKL] Acme Bar & Coffee ... ❤

Mushroom ... 
King's Breakfast ... 
Harsh Brown ... 

Howdy guys ... :)
I'm suffering many side effects of having one week off work and study! 

I'm no longer fit into my S size dress and i have no other working dress other than those S size one :/ 
I have lots of fats in my tummy! 
Became ludicrous because i have nothing to do and i was just trying to occupied myself. xD

Back to the post of the day! 
It's about Acme Bar & Coffee which situated in the Troika's building, around KLCC/LRT Ampang's station. 
It wasn't my first time there. I went there before for Hada Labo Air BB Cream's launch. But i don't remember i have eaten any meal from the restaurant! :/ 

My friend told me they have three different menu. 
Breakfast Menu, Lunch/Brunch Menu and Dinner Menu. 
We went there after our exam on Saturday morning so we got the Breakfast Menu. 

We ordered King's Breakfast, Mushroom ... & Harsh Brown ... 
(i couldn't remember the name :?)

Let's talk about Mushroom one since i'm the one had the dish. 
The salad was not bad. Quite nice. 
There was different types of mushroom inside the pie but it was too much flour-ness for me. The  mushroom was fresh but i wasn't really fancy the combination of them. BUT you will be missing it! I wanna have one now!!!! #SoDamnSerious

We wanted to have the Sizzling Brownie but they serve it only after 12 noon. 
(This is what they told us)

Three dishes with a drink/juice costed us around RM140. 
It was quite expensive and i don't really think it is worthy. Or maybe the Sizzling Brownie is really great ?' *shrug* 

Overall, our rating toward everything was "So So"/ 2.5 out of 5.0. 
But the ambience is real great! 

Thanks for reading ... ❤

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