Thursday, August 28, 2014

Loyalty ... ❤


I mentioned earlier here that in 21st Century, people no longer committing even 50% of loyalty into the relationship she/he has chosen to be into!
I don't get this!!!!

When it comes to relationship ...
If both of you (it doesn't matter heterosexual or homosexual) like each other then you are good to go into a relationship and start your commitment. If either one of the party don't have the exact feeling for committing to the other party, then just call it off and don't even start the relationship. 

Life is short! 
If you have chosen to be with someone whom you don't really feel like committing then you would have wasted year's time sticking into the relationship and you are wasting people's time as well. 
Maybe loneliness moved you toward someone whom you don't really feel like it and you are thinking about using each other til you finally find the right one then you are being selfish! 

Be responsible!
Once you started a relationship then stay loyal and start making effort on it! 
Once you've decided she/he is the right person in your life, you stick with the decision til the end/death. 
Once you've decided to be married with the right person in your life (who you chosen), stay loyal and make greater effort on it. 

When something changes ...
You don't just go for the other girl/guy without talking about it with your spouse! 
You don't just go away like nothing happened between you guys! 
You don't just stop committing to each other!

Life is short! Stop wasting people's time! 
If you are not ready, then get a fling or go for prostitute instead of holding on someone. 
If you are not ready for the commitment and effort you are going to make for a family, don't get married. (even you guys are having a baby soon)
If you are not sure whether you are ready then don't start it at all. 

Be responsible with your decision!
Without responsibility, you get nothing done!

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Happy walker said...

very sad loh, i so loyal also no girl like me~