Friday, August 8, 2014

People in 21st Century ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Let's write something fun yet nasty! xD

It is all about people in 21st Century!

It is about how we (notice that i wrote "we" not "you") evolved from the old-fashioned ideas and etiquette into a brand-new ideas and etiquette and for example like we are no longer showing any manner! #Lol. Let's get started, shall we?' 

1. "Excuse Me!" 
The slipper i'm wearing makes firm "flip flop" sound whenever i descend from staircases. When i feel like scuttle down the way, i make louder "flip flop" and indirectly ask people who on my way to give way (we are avoiding "excuse me" in someway/all the way!) but it don't really work. They still walk in their slow-turtle-yet-elegant-paces. :/ When i'm really in hurry and i clamor "Excuse Me!" for the way, she/he turns and looks at me apologetically (or shock face) and apologizes then give way. Hmph ... I'm pretty sure you have heard me, haven't you?' "flip flop" "flip flop" "flip flop" ... We pretend not to see when people need helps! 

2. No Manner
We don't really show reverent to elder or someone senior anymore, do we?' Hardly a 'YES'! Parents used to taught us to show reverent to the elder or senior no matter whose fault and what they did. But in this century, it's no longer working that way. We show respect to someone who deserves it and it doesn't matter anymore with the age! :O It is a maturation of the society, in a good way. (I think they are because some auntie tend to be petulant/barbaric.) We are no longer feel like queuing! We don't give way or offer them your seat! We don't care about ladies first or ladyboys first etiquette! ANYMORE! 

3. Stay Loyal in the Relationship
Remember there was one (Raya's) holiday week which have made me gained weight and i couldn't fit into S size dresses anymore?' (Still! Still can't fit :( ) I registered myself a BeeTalk's account and started shaking and trying to make new friends (I have gotten rid of it, it was only for holiday)! Candidly, i met (face-to-face) with few people from it. I know it is dangerous (maybe i will do another blog post on how-to-date-safely-with-strangers's post xD) but sometimes if you don't take risk, you never know. #bullshit There were people looking for sex ... People looking for some nasty transaction/money and so on. As well as people who is not single pretends to be single! I don't get it?' They've come to look for their girl/boyfriend?' Hmph ... People just can't stay loyal in a relationship without flirting around and ogling around! Oh Man! #vile #immasingle

4. Fast Money
There was one business in Facebook that ask anyone who is interested to bank in RMxxx into the one's account who you liaison with then the next person who is interested and liaison with you will bank in RMxxx into your account and this is how it rolled. I have to admit that the one came out with the ides was really brilliant! He/She knows how to make money! After that, more and more money-rolling-business emerged! They are indeed cushy-number-job! All you do is keep partying, socializing and making more friends and "bang!" money in into the business and into your account! There is other way to make fast money as well! Prostitution! It is really a fast way in money-making and you don't need to work hard enough to get em! But in the end, all you get is money! #meh! I personally think there aren't really practical, or maybe just me?' *shrug*

5. Marry a Rich Guy
It is all the ladies's dream to get a rich guy for the rest of the life, including me! But shopping all day long, hi-teaing every 3 in the afternoon, showing off my humongous diamond rings etc just aren't my dream (at all)! However, for most of the ladies, YES!, these are their dream! People like to show off the Louis-Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and whatsoever which bought by their partner, the tawdry restaurants their partner brought them, the prohibitive stuffs and foods which paid by their partners and so on! Okay ~ I'm jealous! A little! because you get to eat good foods free and you don't need to work hard to get them! I am jealous but ... Nah! I don't really do! :/ What i'm trying to say is that nowadays ladies revolve around the dream of getting a rich guy and hardly work for what they want. #okay?

6. Customer is Everything, Remember?'
If your business sustain on return-customer-transaction then you really need to take great care of your staff (shop assistant) who we (customer) liaison with! Nowadays, you walk in almost every shop to a black-face (sour-face) shop assistant and some gives you the no-money-don't-see/i'm-pretty-sure-you-can't-afford-it's face! Or maybe we seriously need to put high-end shop into our essential's list! NO ~ No matter how small is your business, as long as you need revenue to operate your business then you need to take (good) care of your customer! Afterall, your revenue generated from our purchases! No revenue, no business! Train your staff or at least ask them to curse us on our back, not in our face! Lots of business seem to forget about this.

7. Drive Here and There
It is only (max) 3 minutes walk-journey but they always prefer driving! :/ I don't drive so i always walk! #poorme! It increases your regular metabolic rate over time, fight breast cancer?, lower disease's risk, prevent dementia?, reduces body fats, helps you to live longer, reduces stress and so much more! I bet even though i have listed a whole page of benefits of walking, you still prefer driving, aren't you?' Beside than driving, they always prefer to sit whenever possible! There is no way they feel like offering the elder who stands in front of them their seats! Their butts are heavy like ... i don't know! :/ Don't you know that sedentary make butts bigger and wider?'

8. Lifelong Learning
Nah ~ We are no longer want to learn! English is important to the world and i know nothing more than the word "English" then fuck it lah~ Who Cares?' Do you realize when you ask the (cosmetic) shop assistant "What is the difference between this two concealer arr?'", some of them can't answer the question and they start to detour to the other topic/place! Do you realize that?' To be with the cosmetic counter, you need to be trained in regards of the products but i have no idea why it could happen on me when i rarely shop from cosmetic counter! Some of them can't even conduct a simple English conversation. :/ Beside than English, how about "IT"?' since we are all using computers and other telecommunication equipment? xD I don't either! It isn't just you! me too! :/ We just don't feel like working hard on something anymore!!! We just feel like giving all sort of excuses "No Time!", "No Money!", "No ..." xD

9. Teacher / Lecturer
Nowadays, they sit in the classroom, show their face and read. That's all they do! There is always exception and i have met one in my previous semester! She is around 70+ years old and she has come all the way from Kajang to KL just for our class. She loves teaching! It is really rare, perhaps 1 out of 20 lecturer and i was so lucky! Other than that, they solely work because of work and money. They aren't enthusiastic about teaching or sharing! #PityStudents We need more inspired lecturer! #tellmei'mwrong?

10. Photoshop
Nowadays, everyone photoshops their photos a little or more than a little! End of story! xD
Okay lah ~ Everyone is trying to look decent and good when publishing their photos online (and when the possibility of your crush looking at it is so much higher?) and no one is perfect, everyone has flaws and that's why we photoshop! Like pimples, scars, dark circles and so on. Totally understandable! We don't look exactly the same like the photos we posted! Seriously! But we still have the same face features! At least people could recognize you out of the photos you posted. I just don't get it when they photoshop their photos in the way that alter the whole features of her/himself. :/ You so don't like yourself meh?' When come to (body) shaping, we might need that to shape up our body a little but when you drop two or more size with photoshop-ing, it is cheating! Nowadays, people do that without guilt. #LOL

I hope you do enjoy!
Thanks for reading ... ❤

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