Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stage Fright ... ❤

Have you spoken in public/in front of the class before?' 
Do you have stage fright?'
I think everyone has it! Am i right?' It is just the way how you handle it ...

I'm having Public Speaking this semester ... 

I'm always admired and inspired to be those whom can speak well in public. 
I have a friend, she speak out her mind very well and not frighten about speaking in front of the class (the class is approximately 50+ pupils man!)! Oh yeah! She sings! I always wanted to be one but i always have those butterflies in my stomach and shivering whenever it is the time to speak.

So we were discussing about our own stage fright ...
There was linguistic, audience's reaction during the speech, not being well-prepared and so on. 
My biggest stage fear is that people staring at me! 

Maybe they are showing respect because i'm giving speech?'
Maybe they find the way i'm standing/speaking is pretentious or too loud?'
Maybe ... I don't know lah!

What made me so concern about that is ... 
I'm afraid people staring at me when i'm giving a speech and it has nothing to do with my presentation but something like messy hair, outfit mishaps, indecency and so on. >...<

I just dislike people staring at me even when i'm off the stage!
Like what are you staring at?' If my zip is not up then tell me lah! xD 

Just sharing my thoughts ... ❤
What is yours then?' 

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