Wednesday, September 3, 2014

19 Facts about Me ... ❤

I feel like listing "20 facts about me" as well even though i'm a nobody! #copyCatsss
But i'm going to just list down 19s because 19 is my birthday's date. :P

1. I daydreaming a lot ... 
I daydream about being in a relationship with my Oppa, Yong Hwa and how we quarrel and so on because i'm a Pisces. Can't help! xD

2. I hate people whom don't reply my texts.
I'm the texting-kind of person but i only text selected person and when i text you, which means i wanna hang out with you or i really have questions for you/wanna talk to you so i will be really pissed OFF when the one who i text-ed didn't reply my messages. I hate slow-texter as well. 

3. I prefer face-to-face interaction. 
For me, phone-call is for emergency. When i missed a call, my mind will automatically start thinking about all sorts of bad situations that the person who called wanna inform me or talk about it. >...< Wanna talk?' Then let's hang out! We talk face-to-face! 

4. I have spelling disability.
I can write/type and speak well but when come to spelling of the words or even numbers, i'm stuck! For example, "allergic"! I would spend around a second to type it out or write the words down but around 10 seconds or more to spell it out ... :/ I don't know what happened. It is like my mind need to filter the alphabets and get the correct pronunciation (of each alphabet) before i spell it out and i stop between each alphabet. >...< 

5. I'm slow and fast. 
Ask me 8+3 equal to how many periodically, you will see my answer speed might be fast like just a second after or after 10-20 seconds of calculation with fingers. :/ 

6. I forget things. 
I forget things easily. There is once, junior asked me what subject did i take for my last semester and I come up with 2 instead of 4 and keep stuck there for like ... I don't know what happened to my brain. But i will never forget your statement about me like "You don't look like a girl also!" ! 

7. I trust people easily. 
I literally trust everything people tell me and everyone because i can't seem to think of a reason why they are lying to me. :/ I hate people lie to me! 

8. I'm a 3-minutes-hotness person. 
For example, games. I only addicted to them (each game) like 3 or 4 days or more but it never exceeds two weeks. There isn't any games in my phone except Temple Run 2 (which standby in case i'm bored).

9. I hate being injured / -ached. 
Even a paper slide. Or headache, stomachache, cramps and so on. 
When i'm in pain, i just wanna disappear and the feeling of not able to get anything done SUCKS! 

10. I'm kind of a perfectionist.
Either i don't care about it or i want the best of it. 
I'm those who ask for 100 marks person but it never happened. xD 

11.  I hate shy guys.
I REALLY hate shy guys and guys who don't take initiative. I prefer think-faced guy but still not-too-thick like can't recognize when to be thick-faced and when not to be.  

12. I hate people whom don't keep their words. 
Don't talk to me anymore if you breach your words. 

13. Don't send me roses but FOODS!
Have never received any roses in my life but i still prefer Mr. future Bf will bring me something edible instead of roses or other fancy stuffs. But i don't mind a Lamborghini though. xD

14. My tattoos are meaningless. 
Don't ask me why "blue rose"?' Is there any meaning on it?' Like is your ex-boyfriend sent you a blue color rose?' Damn! It is just for fun! I did it when i'm in my teenager-rebellion-period, okay?' 

15. My phone is on silent almost all the time. 
Because i get shocked by the sound when there is a message coming in almost everytime and i check my phone quite frequently so there isn't a need to de-silent it what. xD

16. I have only a few friends. 
There is a difference between acquaintances and friends. 

17. I hate people disturbed me when i sleep. 
I will not talk to you for the rest of my life if talking to you isn't necessary. 

18. I prefer straight forward. 
I accept any truth and criticism (as long as they are truth) and i hate people beating around the bush! I don't understand why people are beating around the bush whenever they wanna ask for something or so. I know it is a politeness to greet and talk a little before speaking out your request but really, i think you should save them and stop torturing yourself. Either a "Yes" or "No". Simple as that. 

19. Hate people whom throw tantrum at me for ... 
For what others's fault or you just argue with your boyfriend and you show that face or temper to everyone who trying to talk to you. I don't think we ever need to talk anymore. 

AiYaa ~~~
List of 19 or 20 just not gonna fit the every facts about me. 
Save it for the next time lah! ❤

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