Monday, September 8, 2014

Ambulance Asked for Money to do Their JOB ?'

I was trying to retrieve the news but it seems nowhere to be found/maybe i just miss it somewhere.
I'm wondering why it is not viral shared on the social network?'

It is about the an artist from RED PEOPLE and his mum whom didn't get to send to hospital in time because they couldn't pay the bribe asked by the ambulance crew which was RM250. IT IS REALLY TERRIBLE!!!! At first, i share this news to my brother and i was thinking that what happened to M! Why is it getting worse and worse?' Is M race really that poor?' I don't have to tell which race is that who asking for bribe because if you are a M'sian, you will know. (i could be wrong but the possibility of it will be damn low, Sorry)

My brother told me that it happened on us as well when my grandma couldn't wake up from her sleep and my dad was really anxious and he asked the driver to drive faster and he said the driver asked him to pay in order for him/her (the driver) to drive faster!!!!! GODDAMNIT! My grandma has passed away for around 5 years so it didn't happened just recently and can you imagine that if it is you and you don't even that "RED" enough to share the news out?'

A mum!
Can you imagine what would you do if you encountered this same exact situation which take away your mum's life?' I'm not cursing anyone! Just try to step into the victim's shoes and think! She is his mum! What is your mum to you?' For me, she is almost everything! I would do anything to make this incident go viral like shit!

I don't care who is the Jimmy from Red People and what he did BUT NO ONE DESERVES THIS KIND OF TREATMENT WHEN IT COMES TO LIFE!!!! EVEN ANIMALS!!!! 

There is a problem somewhere with the people ...
Those people who ask for bribe. Like come on! What RM250 really mean to you?' Will it make you rich?' NO! Please lah! Corrupt something bigger like RM10,000 instead of just RM250!!!! Is your salary / wages worth only RM50?' Then i don't mind throwing my RM250 to you, you know.

As i mentioned earlier, people don't become teacher or lecturer because of the passion. They do it for MONEY and just like this! People involved in health and care or even emergency department because it makes money!!!!! Motherfucker! (Sorry! Really mad!) Oh wait, i thought there is a Anti-Corruption Unit?' Hey, how are you doing there?' Doing fine?' The coffee good enough or not?' Want something with higher quality or not?'

Do your job if you chose it! 
Did anyone point you with a gun on your forehead and ask you to go for whatever you are doing now?' NO! Fucking No! You are the one who holding the stupid damn gun! Pull the damn trigger please!!!! With this kind of situation, M never going to be developed lah. It is only going to get worse and worse and become a piece of shit joke in other country!

I'm embarrassed. #SHAME

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