Thursday, September 11, 2014

Customer Service ...

I'm an impatient person.

I'm not a friendly and easy-going person.

I'm not a nice person as well but i always remind myself to stay calm, stay cool and stay patient.

I went to this Telco service centre to check something out.
(i decided not to reveal the company's name because i have been with them almost 5 years and this is the first time i encountered this kind of treatment from them!)
I saw a lot of staffs behind the counter serving customers of different demand. I was rushing but i contained myself not to show the unhappiness of having to wait and might be late for my next event. When i reached the counter, the guy who was behind the counter actually slouched down on his chair instead of sitting decently and properly to welcome his customer. I didn't really realize how he sat until i recalled back the whole incident.

After i told him what i was thinking to have and asked him to check for me, he kept typing on his computer instead of asking my details and so on. I was sitting in front of him for a solid 5 minutes or more but 4 out of 5 minutes, he was basically kept on clicking his keyboard even without my information. I was wondering what he was doing (who knows he was playing his facebook and chatting with someone all the time?) but of course i waited and pretended to be interested with what the customer next to me is going to do!

Oh yea!
He greeted me with "What you want?'" instead of "How may i help you?'"!
He asked my number by "Phone number?'" after clicking on the keyboard for some times instead of "Phone number, please?'" / "Miss, can i have your phone number?'"!

After 5 minutes or more ...
I gave up! I was rushing and he was just taking way to long to answer my one merely simple question so i asked for his name! As a customer service staff, when customer asked you to provide your name, you provide it and say something like "My name is XXX and i apologize for any inconvenience caused./Is there anything went wrong?'" if you are intelligent enough. Instead, he questioned me back "What you want my name for?'" with his voice rose! I reiterated that i want his name and that i'm rushing but with voice even louder "I can provide you my name but tell me what you want for it?!!" I FINALLY LOSE TEMPER! I DON'T CARE WHETHER I LOOKED NASTY! I asked him back "What do you think i want your name for?'" and he GLARED at me and retorted me with something else.

I'm not easy-going but i'm forgetful.
If he has provided me his name the very first time i have asked then maybe i might be so occupied with my next event that i forgot his name or decided to forego the hassle and not to lodge any complain BUT ...

So i decided that i HAVE TO get his name and i went to the other counter (quite a distance) and asked his colleagues for his name and the moment i finished the question to the colleagues, HE FUCKING POINTED HIS FINGERS OVER ME AND SHOUTED OVER "WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?"! If like this also i don't complain then i'm not who i am!

Really terrible!!!!
People just don't know where they stand!
The guy's job is definitely a cushy one and he is taking granted of it and forget where he stands! He is an employee but he serves customers like a boss! Slouched on his seat! The way he talks to customer! Pointed and shouted over on his customer! And taking granted of customer and has that attitude like "i serve, you got! You mess with me, i mess with your time/your whatever demand!" Part of my every month hundred-over payment goes into your salary and every customer is your boss! When customers aren't bossy, you shut up and stay at where your position is!

I lodged a complaint and the staff who handled it told me that the normal action that will be taken are counselling or interviewing them (something like that!) but i don't know whether they are going to do that or even bring my complain up to the relevant authorized department! This is how this thing works unless you befriended with someone higher rank in their company and you requested that him to be sake.

If i ever go back, i know i may see him or not, the attitude is still the same then i'm revealing the company's name! I know it is a big company but i can assure you that you will be amazed by how their service really is.

I really feel guilty every times i wrote a "bad" post or even lodge a complain!
(FYI, i don't just share "bad" thing! I do share good services like the Havaianas's post!)
I suffered mentally after the hassle as well, my mind is not focused, my productivity level sloped downward, my negativity level went up, etc. I could have just ask for mental compensation fee which is usually higher than physical compensation fee! #justsaying

Sorry for the ranting, really!

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