Monday, September 15, 2014

My Daily Makeup Essentials ... ❤

"When you look good, you feel good!
When you feel good, you do good!"

After so many ranting's posts, finally a beauty's post! 
I wanna share with you guys my daily make-up essentials which i really like it!

Skip all the prologue and let's get started! 

Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control]
SPF 50+ PA+++
It is well-known for its natural and semi-matte finish so i decided to give it a try. 
I really like love it! The finish is really natural and with a little blusher, people can't really tell that i have applied a layer of it on my face. The precondition is that you don't put on a thick layer. The coverage is light-medium, definitely not able to cover the dark eyes circle and redness but it does give you a overall radiant. Thin layer is enough, be natural, flaw is fine. 

It has refreshing smell that makes my mood instantly better. #serious
With the BB Cushion's applicator, it gives you a natural finish by tapping it on. 
It does minimize my pores appearance not only when i have it applied but also when i have removed my makeup or have non-makeup on my face. My pores is reduced! #seriouslikeshit
Another bonus is that, after 8 hours in the office, you still looking good and radiant. I don't really touching-up. I don't have oily T-zone at the end of the day (which usually around 15 hours after) but just a little little shine. 

I have to admit that the price is a bit high but it is really worthy. 
Price doesn't really matter when it can make you look naturally good man! xD

Aupres 3 Dimensional Face Creator 
RD 1 / Price < RM100
You should have seen it before somewhere in my blog right?' Yup! 
It is still my favorite! How easy my life is when i have highlighter, contour-er and three different shades of blushers in one case?' 

I use it as my highlighter for my nose and blusher on my daily simple and light make-up. 
That explained why it is an essential on my daily make-up products! 

benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss
It doesn't cover up your natural lip color but accentuate and give them an appropriate amount of shine and make them look gorgeous. Yea. Gorgeous. 

It smells a bit like yummy macaroon to me. 
It has moisturizing feature as well, it is not like those drying-your-lips-out lip gloss. 
It may not stay as long as you want and definitely can't stand over a hot drink or meal but wipe it off before you start to eat or drink, you don't want to eat your lip gloss. I mean literally eat! 

These are the 3 essentials on my simple and light daily makeup and i'm pretty sure i'm going to stick with them for a long long time. xD 

Hope you enjoy!

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