Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Ways to Overcome Overthinking ... ❤

Afterall, overthinking is just a state of mind! 
I opened up with my mum and she shared with me how she managed to survive through the excruciating period! She told me that it was really just the way you think and you can control your thinking by being more relax and not think about the things you are fretting about! I didn't really take it in when she shared it with me! But then ... 

If you are one then you know what i'm talking about!
You are unable to control what is going on in your mind! Tons of BAD events flash back! Even the irrelevant one!
You are unable to control your temper! Just like (girls) having mensus! 
You are unable to think or make any decision. Even a simple one! 
It will drive you crazy! Sooner or later! 

I googled about "Overthinking" and have come across a few of solution that seem to work! 

Talk to someone you love to talk to but NOT about your problem! Listen to them! Find ways to annoy someone you like to annoy! In my case, my (younger) brother! Read a science fiction! Read a motivational genre book! Watch a hilarious show! Watch a macabre horror! Go for a jog in the park! Do some Yoga! Whatever that will occupy you mentally and physically! 

Something has triggered it! What is it! Take a paper and write it down. Underline it. Draw a center line on the page with "PROS" on the left and "CONS" on the right! Start filling it! For instance, you were thinking whether to confess. 

List down the PROS: a. she said yes and we're on! 
CONS: a. she has a boyfriend! b. she said no. c. you are embarrassed. d. she isn't befriending you. etc. 

There are so many unfavorable situations but would you rather feel embarrassed or spending the next 5 years' times or more remorse for what you didn't do?' You think. 

Overthinker tends to take all the bad experiences their have with them all the time, no matter what! :/ So when something (bad or similar) happened, they think and think and eventually over-thinking things! They are thinking whether the outcome will be the same as last time! They are thinking whether the other party will do the same thing that will hurt them all over again! They are thinking that the other party may say no! They are thinking that they may failed! Thay are thinking that ... They think and think and are afraid to take real action! 

So the easiest way to get rid of all the thoughts is simply TAKE ACTION! It is either a "Yes" or "No", "Yes" then you are happy to go! "No" then at least you have tried your best! Try harder next time or move on! 

Life is short! Give everything a shot! 
You will be surprised like how life is amazingly amazing! 

Seriously, don't over-think things! 
It hurts! brains! 
Be gorgeous! Positive! Happy, always! ❤

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