Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Dog's Life ... ❤

Howdy guys ...:)
Let's talk about dogs or anything else that make sounds?!

This morning ...
I was on my way to work and an auntie was flagellating her dog because the dog barked and she felt annoyed.

Like hello! I bet you know dog barks, right?' In fact, they only bark!
You flagellate them because they bark?' What are you thinking?' You expect that they say it out loud "This guy is creepy and i think you should check on him!" ?' WTF! I don't really get it like why people get a dog but don't 'allowed' them to bark or taking good care of them?!' Get a dinosaur lah! #MadLikeShit #AnimalAbuseLurComeOn

I think the only when you can kind of slap a dog's body (flagellate is just too much) is when he try to eat something that are lethal to him like Chocolate!

Have you ever think about a dog's life?' 
They aren't like human beings! They can't talk or tell you what they are thinking and how they are feeling! When they feel nauseated, they bark (to let know you)! When they feel threatened, they bark! When they feel excited, they bark and swag their butt! When they feel hunger, they bark as well! When they are injured, they just couldn't say anything, not even "Ouch!", what do you think?'

Have you taken good care of your dog?' 
Making sure he is always feeling good?' Making sure whatever you have offered to him is edible for him not you?' Making sure his nails are trimmed nicely so that he won't hurt himself?' Maybe you do but some people out there just don't! They discriminate! They abandon! They abuse! They let them starve!

Have you ever think about what is their life's purpose?' 
The purpose of their subsistence?' No purpose! They come to enjoy being a pet! That's all so treat them well lah! Puh-leezzz ~

Try to walk in their shoes and imagine if you were them!
Treat people or even animal the way you want people to treat you!
What goes around, comes around! #Karma!

Thanks for your time ... ❤

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