Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfectionist ... ❤


Are you a perfectionist?' 
I always thought only Virgo is perfectionist! Never knew that Pisces is also one! 
I didn't realize i am one until i'd started my college! 

Definition of Perfectionist:-
a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection 

Problem with Perfectionist:-
1. Knacker yourself in order to be the best and try to be perfect 
(when perfectionist say try, we try real hard)
2. Stress over everything we've decided to do
(be the Best or nothing)
3. Overthinking 
(Literally Over and Over)
4. "Almost Perfect" means failure
5. Fear that we are incapable on reaching the goal
(Stress then hormone imbalance then breakout!)
6. Dwell on mistakes 
(even a small one)

Perfectionist take excellence to a different, more stressful level than that of mere high achievers. 
- from

I'm a bit shocked when i found out that i'm a Perfectionist. 
I always thought that being a Perfectionist must be real hard for them mentally because they seek for perfection in a world that nothing is perfect. Until i have discovered i am one ...

I'm taking Public Speaking this semester. 
There are assignments and it is not paper-based. It is on presentations and the result will be part of the GPA. I strive to get full mark in every subjects i'm taking and Public Speaking is not at all an exception. (I'm not those TOP / Straight A students though) The assignment Q was based on Multiculturalism and i had been stressing myself since last week to come out with the best content ever or at least it had to be interesting. 

There you go procrastination because when you are brainstorming a way to be perfect with the stuff you are working on, you get despaired when you think it is simply not the best and you stop everything you do (literally everything) and started putter away hours and hours without getting anything done! 

There are so many side effects of being a perfectionist!
Like over-stressing which leads to breakout! Drive you CRAZY! 
and etc. (depends on your character lah~)

I took a test. A Perfectionist's test. Guess what!
"You're a Perfectionist.

I took my test here:-

But i'm quite lucky that i don't seek perfection in every aspects of my life. 
Only academic for the moment. 

Imma HAPPY girl because the presentation is over!
I think i did a not-bad job!

Can't wait for weekend. ❤

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