Monday, October 27, 2014

Personalized. Names. Texting. Stares. ... ❤

Hello ~ 
Let's talk about stupid and random things in my (recent) life! 

I have decided to personalized all my social network sites because ... 
I was searching for blogs to read and then I typed "Caroline Ng May Ling" which is her real name and of course there was her blog, social network sites and her selfies. Tons of them! I was astonished by the information i got with her real name! It made me concern so much so i google my real name! There is my photo!!!! Btw, "FrankieRoseUni" isn't my real name! :/ Don't you think it is creepy that people able to google your personal details on the internet?'!!!!!! 

The only social network site you can reach me is my Facebook Page:-

Will keep blogging ... 

I don't know what happened! You tell me! 
I can't remember names! There was a few times that my friend introduced me to her friends and we were chatting and gossiping and it all went rather smoothly but the problem is none of the names went into my brain! I can't recall what's their names! OMG ~ It would be really embarrassed if they asked me what is their names! :/ 

But i still able to remember those whom i really like to know or hate! xD

I love like okay with texting. I don't really text. 
I don't text with my friends (in your words, they are bff because i differentiate acquaintances and friends CLEARLY) asking how is your day?' Have you eaten?' and so on. I tend to ignore these kind of texts. (By virtue of would you send me food if i'm telling you that i'm starving?) Sorry. I text when they said they need someone to whine or talk to! I have just started using WeChat voice messages week ago and i find them really useful! You don't have to type whole length of messages to comfort people!!!!! xD #OrangAsli

I don't mind texting with someone whom i wanted to know more about. 

I really don't like hate people staring at me. Are they trying to pick up a fight with me or what? I'm okay with fighting. Come! xD
It is just me?' Don't you guys feel the same way like i do?' People are not staring! They are leering! Or staring for something! Like come on! Tell me what is it! Don't let me hanging there if my zip is down man! #ExceptionIsRARE

Stay Gorgeous~
Stay Happy!

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