Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All Sizes are Beautiful ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Based on the picture above, you know what i'm going to talk about, don't you?' 

" All sizes are beautiful! "

There was a plus size woman sitting in front of me while i was standing right in front of her (in monorail, en route to my workplace). I saw the way she look, scrutinize and stare at me and  my legs. 
I'm not model-skinny type. In non-modelling world, my body shape is totally normal neither is it fat nor thin. You don't wanna be model-skinny in real life unless you are in the modelling careers. All sizes are beautiful. As you walk along the street, you will see various types of body shape and also skin tones. There is always plus size ...

I agree than all sizes are beautiful but in regards of plus size ... 
I think they are not. Not because of the way your fats look from the outside but what is happening on the inside, your body. I'm not denying the beautiful of being plus size; if you are happy and healthy then go ahead, no one is going to bother about your body shape because you yourself is truly happy about yourself. The thing that matter with being plus size is health. People wouldn't have normal body shape if they keep eating non-stop, except for those with skinny-genes (don't be jealous. you have something they don't have as well). 

They (normal body size people) take care of what they eat even thought they are not in modelling ...
Everyone likes junk food! Potato chips, french fries, cakes, chocolate, pizza and on and on but the thing is you shouldn't take these kind of food frequently. It isn't about taking care of the body shape but your own health so that you are able to enjoy more and more kind of yummy and delectable foods. Stuffing all the junk foods at once will cause you diabetes, high blood pressure or even stroke so why not just have them at once a week or once every 3 days?' It is about quality not quantity. Not that i'm the 1st one to talk about it, there is information and articles about why and how you should take care of your health and so on. So ... It is all about you. 

If you are a plus size and you are happy with it (not insulted by all the criticism) and you are healthy like a normal people then go ahead. Like i said, nobody ain't got time to bother about you being a plus size or not. Your body shape doesn't define who you are. Be what and who you wanna be. 

No one born to be a plus size. It is about what you eat. 
Being in normal body size or even chubby or fat is fine but not plus size. No discrimination because i don't think there is ever any plus size out there is considered as healthy. It isn't about how people perceive you, it is about yourself. Your own health. Afterall, everybody got fats and it is just a matter of percentage. 

Your choice. 
Do something about it or keep feeling belittle. 

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