Sunday, November 30, 2014

Communication ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
I have completed my Public Speaking's classes and now i feel like i can be a speaker already. xD #justsaying 

I was about to persuade my audience to take my side of stance saying that computer communication prevents us from develop interpersonal skills and having meaningful relationship with each other. What do you think? Agree or disagree? 

I have to agree like nobody else. You know why? 
One of my pet peeves is that whenever i talk/in the middle of conversation, people get distracted. Especially by their phone! Trust me. When you talk, the other party is either texting or scrolling their social networking sites, they are not listening. Basically they are just hearing. They are able to repeat exactly what you were saying but when you ask them "So ~ What is the point of my speech?" Majority of them are unable to answer. DAMN! 

It is all-pervasive to have this kind of behavior nowadays. :( 
I still hate it but i compromise and we all compromise, if not i don't think i have anyone to talk to. :( 

In every conversation, 30% is based on verbal-communication of what we actually said and 70% is based on non-verbal communication like body languages and eye contact. Without sufficient amount of non-verbal communication (which banish by the concentration those have put on their phone), you wouldn't be emotionally engaged with any one of them. 

Talking and listening is the element part of communication. 
People can't read minds and people can't see through what you are thinking and that's why God has bestowed everyone with a mouth to tell what do you think and what you are thinking. God has bestowed all of us with fingers, 10 of them, but that doesn't replace the mouth and ears. 

Argument is part of communication as well. 

Afterall, gadget is just an accessory. 
Don't let gadget accessorized you or be you when come to communication. 
Build relationship with people around you not the people online. ❤

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