Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Hold Grudges on People ... ❤

Let's talk about grudges! 
Me and my brother were bickering about frivolous thing and i was about to burst out whatever mean and cruel words i had in my mind on him but i stop, took a deep breath and avert my head back on my computer screen and keep my assignment going.

He held grudges on me til the next day. I was the one break the ice after the bickering on that even date by showing him some adorable pet's pictures i have come across on social network sites but he gave me no facial expression nor a lopsided smile. I talk to him the next day ...

We have been through a lots. Life and death and i believe that everyone has been through something with someone. Am i right?'
I have learned to appreciate little thing in life. Little thing like everything and anything. I'm truly happy that i'm awake (normally) every morning even though there are grudges from stepping away from the bed. I live in the moment because i and you never know whether this is the last time you and who are having the last meet and you will never see him/her again. I'm not being pessimistic, i'm being optimistic. 

Live like it is your last day and treat people like it is their last day in the world. #NotACurse
Don't hold grudge on them. If they did something that you find really uncomfortable with then tell them how you feel. If they care, they will do something that make you feel more comfortable or even try to change themselves. If they don't care about you, why hold grudges on them?' Simply evict this person out of your life or mind. Grudges hurt you and only you, yourself.

I'm not saint. I hold grudges as well but whenever i think of what they have done because they don't care then who i am to care what they did?' Nobody so why not i just let myself be with those who care about me?' I don't hold grudges on someone who i truly care about or someone care about me and simply because there isn't need for that.

Let me share something with you guys!
A show! A theatre show that you mustn't miss! It is about love! It is about the Crazy Little Thing Called Love, featuring love, courtship, marriage and family relationships.

It was my first time seeing this kind of theatre performance and i think i have started develop a thing toward it. Definitely you can't visit it like you visit cinema because of the ticket's fare, treat it as an occasion. The performers are really great in their skill, for instance the arguing scene, it made me feel like "How on earth am i sitting here watching someone arguing?' That's rude!" It is humorous yet meaningful. It shows you what is love and how people express their love in different stages of relationship. Communicate. It is the only way to show your love one that you care. Listen. and so on. I truly enjoy the show and i believe you will too.

They are performing in Penang Performing Arts Centre on 4th -7th of December. Check them out!
*my own recommendation* 

Live a happy life.
Life is short so be gorgeous and happy! ❤

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