Sunday, December 28, 2014

#FaithInXiaXue vs #FaithInGushCloud ...❤

I know i shouldn't be writing this post because there are bigger disasters that have happened in my country. But i wanted to share my opinion and of course be the opportunist, if it is what you would like to quote.

I have read what Xx have written on her blog post and the other who involved and have spoken out on their blogs. I have also come across the group chat chat log that meant to be private but somehow exposed (btw, i didn't finish it. it was too long!). Let's see things from the outside. As a human.

From Xiaxue's side ...
She did make an effort in trying to speak out what is bad for her industry and i think it is completely normal in a business world. It is just that she is an influencer ... She did make an impact on what she has written.

Let's take from her side and imagine if she is just a customer ...
When she is using Brand X and she somehow find out Brand Z is deceiving their customers. With her loyalty to Brand X, it is normal that she would find ways to prove her point and speak out and as your word -defame Brand Z. Now imagine if this customer is XiaXue, then what do you think she will do if she have found the relevant 'evident'? Do a blog post lah! Why?' Because it is her power and the only way she can get the message spread.

Let's take from GS's side ... 
When someone, not XiaXue, defaming your company's offering ... What would you do? Ignore her/him because one person wouldn't make a big impact on the revenue or profit. Or if somehow, by word-of-mouth recommendation, you find out that your brand has been defaming ... What would you do? Sue the whole bunch of people who receiving the message? Improve your market offering and try to position a different perspective for your market offering in the mind of customers, right? Then when Xiax's blogpost came out, why not just take it as another unhappy customer and invest more in repositioning your company's market offerings?'

In a world with internet, everyone entitled to her/his opinion toward any company. Including Xiaxue. 

Let's take YKK's side ... 
(I'm never sure that whether Xx pick on YKK or what ...In the chat log, undeniable that she sounds manipulative and it made me wonder is she having some says in the company. Lol. )
Imagine that you were her, for sure that you will be upset (after reading the blogpost) and you blurt out whatever mean and crude words you have in your mind privately (in private group chat). Actually i'm wondering who is the one that expose the whole long conversation. SPY! Everyone did this when they are angry and upset. The only thing different is whether it becomes publicly available! When you are upset, you become mean to defense yourself from being sad, hurt and so on. You curse tons of people when you are upset, you tell them to go to hell BUT do you really mean it? (Don't tell me you never curse anyone before... Either in your mind or verbally)What if whatever you curse come true? No. You don't mean it. Trust me! It would be a homicide then. Everyone does it. Just like everyone has sex and some accidentally get exposed. You don't say they are bad right?' (tell me you don't have sex then)

What i'm trying to say is that ...
No one is at fault or all of them are at fault. XiaXue voice out whatever she thinks (aka her own opinion) on HER OWN BLOG/her own territory. Bloggers are entitled to their own opinion and it wasn't a paid defamatory. GS as a company in the world of business, there will always be positive and NEGATIVE feedback in regard of your company's market offerings. Please don't try to cover it up. There is always a room for improvement. YKK was saying mean and crude things but it was her defense mechanism/human nature. As long as she didn't hire any assassin to take down who who who and who.

There are #faithinwhoandwho hashtags and a lot of comments taking whose side and being abusive with their words. Sorry to say that but it is considered as CYBER BULLYING. Think and take their side of view before you comment any will definitely help a more lot.

This is what i think...
Thank you.❤

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