Monday, January 19, 2015

Be a Selfie FLASHER! - Alcatel OneTouch Flash ... ❤

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I bet you guys no longer find the brand - Alcatel Onetouch strange right?' Alcatel Onetouch offers reasonable and affordable smartphones and i have used one of them before and now what?' They have launched a fresh new model for the selfie-lovers! Who hates selfie?' I don't think so. 

Allow me to introduce you Alcatel Onetouch?' 
Alcatel Onetouch is a French brand and it is one of the TOP 10 best-selling smartphone's brand along side with Samsung, Lenovo and more! You know what's more?' Alcatel Onetouch has recently partner with famous DJ Avicii. 

If you have followed me on my Instagram and Facebook's Page, I'm sure you have come across the post above. #BEaFlasher's campaign. Alcatel Onetouch has launched this campaign to empower the culture of expressing individuality through selfies. Lots of selfie. Like me, i love to take selfies with the person i like, the little thing i appreciated, the place i find it amusing and classic and so on. Tell people who you are by your selfies. 

Check out #BEaFlasher's campaign on Instagram and Facebook from Cilisos & IGERSMALAYSIA. Don't miss out! Hashtag: #BEaFlasher

Have i already mentioned that they had launched a new model for selfie-lovers?' Yes, i do! So what does it offer?' ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH!

It has already launched early December. What does it offer?' 
- 5MP HD Front Camera (for your selfie)
- 13MP FULL HD Back Camera 
- 5.5 inches HD screen 
- 3200 mAh Battery (465 hours of standby time / 19 hours of talk time) 
- Octacore 1.4 GHz (Graphics get more amazing, speed increases and so does the responsiveness and efficiency) 
- Fast & Wireless Transfer with HotKnot 

I super like the design of the OneTouch Flash where it is simple yet classic and it doesn't feel cheap on the way it looks! Alcatel collaborated with HYDRASKINS for its simple, classic yet fashionable outlook of the OneTouch Flash. Check their Facebook's page out for their amazing works on designing: ! Other than its premium design, guess what's more in store for you?' Beauty enhancer! Now you compromise the quality of your selfies NO MORE and you NEED NOT to download a third party app for your editing's works! The front-camera comes with a beauty enhancer that allowed you to edit your selfies or pictures right away! 

For more info on Onetouch Flash, check this out! 

Oh~ You must be wondering how much this baby gonna cost you right?'
Don't worry! It is available only at RM699 with free flip cover and free 1 year 1 times screen crack warranty! :O

Do remember to check out #BEaFlasher on Instagram and Facebook yea ~~~ 
Love! ❤ 

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