Friday, February 13, 2015

Girls, You Deserve Better … ❤

Howdy guys … :)
I find it ludicrous that there is so many cases that boys are despising girls on their poor command in English and not-Bill-Gates’s daughter family background! I was shocked! I was mad! I was … Speechless!

First of all, good command in English doesn’t connote that you have a good social status!
English is an international language but you know why? Because Europe was the one who were into industrialisation and in order to make profit, we adapted to their culture, speak their language and thinking of becoming them. China is booming at this moment so when China’s economic status take over the world, would you still think that English is a international language but not Mandarin?’ Come on! Unless you are an Caucasian that you can’t speak other language but English, then you are more than welcome to despise on people who don’t speak fluent or understandable English. Otherwise, you are total bullshit!

Secondly, Bill Gates’ children will never despise on people’s family background … 
Just so you know, you are not one of them and never will be! No matter how rich or wealthy is your parents, the money is still theirs. Just in case, you haven’t realised it yet. I know, when they died, the money goes to you but sorry to say that, you may impress someone with it but definitely not everyone. You have your own business so you are making your own money?’ Lol! Yea ~ You have been working hard for years and saving the money for the business you are running. With your own ability, you are able to get a million loan from bank ~ Poor you! Work so hard!

Wait ~
Are you handsome like David Beckham’s son?’ Are you even good-looking?’ Never mind! I think i know the answer and my deepest condolences on that man! Let’s not talk about superficial thing like your face but inside, your character. But your character has failed, so damn failed. Do we even need to discuss that?’ Let’s save some time man!

Without your parents, are you still who you are right now?’ If no, then you should feel blessed and appreciate things not bragging and despising. Are you sure if you have found the one you are looking for, you will not be despised?’ Hahahahahahahha Think yourself lah!

Girls, if this scenario is familiar then i really don’t know how on earth it is even tolerable to you man!
Trust in yourself and see value in yourself. You can make the same amount of money he has by yourself. If his parent is a doctor and that make them rich then be a monopoly in medical industry! There is always a way when there is a wish! But life is short, get rid of him and all the negativity in life and be happy always! Do what make you happy! Be with who you are truly happy with! Money is not everything! Quoted from my friend, GUY is the worst / most risky investment you could ever made.

Every Woman Deserves to Have A Man Who is Proudly Willing to Say to the Whole World, “Yeah ~ SHE IS MY ONE AND ONLY. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SHE IS MINE.” 

Trust in yourself.
See value in yourself.
Don’t be afraid of changes, instead, it makes everything possible. ❤

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