Monday, February 23, 2015 in MidValley ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
How was your Chinese New Year holidays?' Hope you have had a blast one!

Me and my brother went to MidValley for A Inspector's Call and we would say that it wasn't as good but it is meant to educate people to become a better person. NO Greediness NO Laziness NO Ego-ness NO Petulance NO Lust NO Selfishness Beside than watching movie, we have found this - which situated at the Cinema Floor in MidValley.

Basically it is all about EGGS! Are you a fans of egg?' I am!I can't live without eggs!
If you are an egg-lover then you really shouldn't miss it out and their own-recipe sauce is the best sauce to go with. A little bit spicy to spice up the tastebuds! They made it fresh for every one specially those with tomato ... It isn't costly. Plain Egg for RM5. If you drop by MidValley, it is a must-eat snack!


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