Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[REVIEW] Food Panda Delivery Service ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Started your CNY's holidays?' Flying off?' Going back hometown?' Or staying at where you always are?' Whichever it is, enjoy your holidays! I was left alone at home without proper food but some CNY cookies which is not healthy ... So i asked for proper food and here is the review ...

My comments about Food Panda Delivery Service:- 
1. Super Convenience for lazy people like me 
Forget about washing that rapunzel-hair and dressing up! With your smartphone and Food Panda's app, you are able to get whatever cuisine or food you want at your doorstep. Isn't it amazing?' I know. I need not to elaborate further as almost all of us loves food delivery services!

2. It takes around 1 hour or more 
For me, it is considerably long and i suggest that you place your order 2 hours before you wanted to savor the food. Maybe because restaurants outsource their delivery services to Food Panda and that's why it takes longer time. But let's say if someone is able to come out with another delivery service with shorter time then ... [even for a restaurant nearby my place]

3. The food is no longer warm 
As it takes 1 hour, the food is no longer warm! The pizza and breadstix i have ordered previously, arrived at my place like yea ~ It has been somewhere for 1 hour before it reached me. :/ Hmm ... Maybe you can microwave/reheat it before you savor them, i guess?'

4. High delivery fee
Like RM10 with the minimum order of RM15! So it is like 40% of the total amount you paid goes to the delivery fee. But of course the delivery fee is depends on the restaurant, as some charge only RM4 but some charge for RM10. So depends on the restaurant you have selected.

5. The choices of restaurant is confusing 
In the exact area of my place, there is only 2 restaurant so i selected the place nearby and i get more choices but when i have place my order and after 20 minutes of them confirming my order, they call and inform me that my order will be canceled due to the location, it is out of coverage. But they told me that the food is ready for my pick up. #hahhaah

My advice is that if it is not necessary, avoid using it as i don't see anything worthy. Like with high delivery fee but you get your food after 1 or 2 hours?!' RM15 worth of food but you paid RM25++ for it. Hmm ... If the minute i have placed my order, i go for a bath and head out, i would have some shopping haul with me already + a full stomach! :/ For those Pizza Hut or other pizza which provided their own delivery services, i advise you to order via their own delivery services instead of outsource delivery service. This is my own review in regards of Food Panda Delivery Services. Hope it is helpful ~ ❤

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Dila said...

Hi there! I like the way you write :) But about this article I don't really agree.. which restaurant you ordered from? I use Foodpanda very often and to me it's sooo convenient! Everytime I try a new restaurant and the delivery fee is only RM 4..
Sometimes it also takes less than 40 minutes! :)