Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm not Stupid ... ❤

I have a problem and don't know who to tell!
Did you guys watch "I'm not stupid"?' I'm pretty sure most of you did and still remember what it was about, right?' No matter how excellent you are in your academic or something else, your parents will never find it enough. It is always fall under their expectation and other kids are always beyond their expectation. What the fuck man?'

It happened on me the previous day when we were heading back to our place after dinner. My mom said "People is so much more organize than you. They are from good family and well-educated and ..." Blah! Blah! Blah! If a stranger make such a comparison of me and any other guy in the world, i wouldn't have cared so damn much but it was my own mother who said this! She knew nothing before she made the statement! She was getting the impression of a well-educated, well-organize, everything-also-well from a friend of mine and right after my friend is gone, she complimented my friend. Compliment is fine but not verbally abuse me and my brother! (my brother was pretending to have slept in the car)

I get an average A for the course i'm taking right now! Isn't that enough? Maybe not! Fine. But i'm working full-time while maintaining my grade above credit! Isn't that an accomplishment already?' People are never satisfy with what they are having! Always takes people for granted! Always judge people without knowing the truth! Always think they are the best! For sure that i ain't the best and i am a human! I wanted to retort back! I wanted to fight back! I wanted to shout back! I wanted to do anything that could hurt her like she did but i couldn't do it! I wanted to leave ...

How could people judge other people without thinking about themselves whether they have the qualification to judge?/ How could people talk without thinking?/ How could people so inconsiderate about other people's feeling?' How could people think they are everything and people can't live without them?' How could this all happened?'

I'm just a bit sad and figuring out a way to talk to her about the way she talks or maybe not.
Please! If you are reading this and you are the one i'm addressing, please stop! No one can't live without anyone and this is damn truth! It is not funny to take people around you for granted because sooner or later, they may leave. Without you!

Sorry for the negativity.
Take care and be happy,always! ❤

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