Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why you should watch Kepong Gangster II ... ❤


"Hey, this XX movie sounds interesting. Shall we? Wait! It is Malaysian's production! Let's forget about it." This dialogue sounds super familiar right? Bet all of us do that! It has become a norm but here I am, after watching Kepong Gangster II, letting you know why you should watch it ...

First, throw away your prejudice towards Malaysian's production before you watch the movie. For sure that it isn't as cool as Hong Kong's action but it is for sure already beyond the general perception of Malaysian's production. 

Secondly, how can you expect Malaysian's production to improve if you don't even give them a chance? Hell no. If all of us hold on the perception of weak Malaysian's production, no one will pay to watch the movie, no one will be funding them then how? How can they make better movie when there are talents? 

Third, believe that Malaysia has gotten the talents. Trust me! This movie totally worth your Ringgit Malaysia. 

I'm not paid to write this nor am I feeling compassion about them. Kepong Gangster II was my first Malaysia's production movie after such a long time and I'm not disappointed at all! I'm glad that I have watched it! What I'm disappointed about is that when I asked my friends' accompany for this movie, they all turned the invitation down. Lol! 

Oh yea. This movie doesn't discriminate. There are Malays and Indians. Lastly, thank you for reading. Have faith in Malaysia. 

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alphaKKC said...

I wanted so, so much to say good things about this movie. Trust me, I really do but the producers, writers and director failed me. Badly.

I didn't catch it in the cinemas but I bought the original DVD yesterday and watched it. How I wish I had never done that. I watched Kepong Gangster and was impressed by the effort put into it. I thought that Kepong Gangster 2 will retain some of that but it clearly did not.

Much as I want to support local production but the quality of the movie leaves much to be desired. Kepong Gangster 2 just falls flat on its own face. The story is weak. It is so weak that it borders on the absurd. I am going to reveal spoilers for the movie so you have been warned!

To the writers and producers : Are you seriously expecting me to believe that some idiot gangster will go abduct and kill Ah Chong's lover and god sister when he wants nothing to do with all the gangs any more? He has already removed himself from the whole scene and some idiots go bring him back in the most illogical way.

And what's up with Billy? Back in the first movie he killed Hai and Hak Long because they were directly responsible for the deaths of his friends. He had no ambition to become leader of the gang. Suddenly in this movie he's hell bent on leading gang 390? How logical is that?

The characters might as well be cardboard cut-outs. They are so 2 dimensional! Taiji's just an excuse so that they have a rival gang leader. Pak Sin betrayal comes from nowhere. Why would he do what he did? What did he stand to gain? If all goes according to his plan, Billy's the one who's in the No. 1 seat and he's still where he used to be. So what motivation has he got to betray the gang?

Pago, Foh San's brother is another pointless character. He's not even menacing and has such a lame excuse for not taking lead. His only function is to prevent Billy from being elected leader for most of the movie. What lameness!

Crystal Lee's character is also pointless. Whether she's there or not, the whole story will still go on without much of a hiccup. Ah Chong will still go to the showdown with Billy due to the death of Tong Tong.

Agnes Lim's character is wasted. She could have so much more to her character but as it stands, she's just a decoration.

The script is lazy but what makes it worse is that the cast is also lazy. Gone are the earnestness you see back in the first movie. Now it just looks like a bunch of people spewing their memorized lines.

And what is Jack Lim doing? He's just there to lend a little more star power into the whole production. His character is neither here nor there. He's not a bumbling cop and he's not your jaded but savvy investigator, giving out pearls of wisdom. Basically his character can just be anyone and does not affect the story at all.

Such a waste of potential! Try as I might, I cannot find a single saving grace for this movie. It breaks my heart to see local production like this. They squander all the good things that the first movie had going for them and condemn themselves into obscurity by being greedy and lazy.