Friday, May 22, 2015

[Lips Care] Secret Weapon to your Dry and Chapping Lips with Laneige ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
In this post, i wanna share with you guys about lips care. 

I used to have crack lips for almost everyday when i was young. 
I can't remember the exact reason of what induced the severe cracked lips. It was either i didn't drink enough water or i kept licking my lips. I used to be so naive thinking that my cracked lips will attract handsome guy come up to me and moisture my lips by kissing it. Trust me or not! Anyone will feel gross by just looking at them. What about kissing?' Eww ~~ My auntie then introduced to me our now prevalent yet popular lips balm, which is Vaseline

Does anyone here has no idea about what Vaseline is?'
I have no idea that Vaseline is so versatile until recent years where you can even use it on pimples and bluff you not, it really works on soothing your inflaming pimples. Definitely, if i would to introduce you guys an effective lips balm, it will definitely be Vaseline. The only problem with it is that your boyfriend will always have a good taste on it. xD 

I make effort in taking care of my lips so that it won't go back to what it used to be, cracked lips. 
I have tried to pamper my lips by putting on lips mask but lips mask is not that prevalent yet and it costs quite a bit so i stop using them. When i'm not able to 'access' to my Vaseline, my lips will be drying up in a short period of time and wrinkles started to show within a few days. This has made me rely on Vaseline so much that i carry one in my bag. But the question is, is my lips really moisture then?' 

But guess what?' 
NOW I AM ABLE TO GO ON DAYS WITHOUT VASELINE. But i still need Vaseline in my life. xD You wanna know the secret of it?' I can tell but i would not recommend to not apply any lips balm on your lips as it is actually a protection to your lips. Just like your skin. So ~ the secret weapon is ... 

I has always love Laneige especially the sleeping mask in light blue bottle so i decided to give this lips sleeping mask a try and bluff you not again, that it is really amazing! This is my secret weapon of being able to leave my lips without any lips balm on but still looking fine without any cracked lips! I declare that i'm not in any term associated with Laneige to write this post. I wanna share what i think is good so all of us can be pretty and gorgeous together. Sharing is caring. 

What i like about Laneige Lips Sleeping Mask:- 
First of all, it will definitely be the effectiveness of the mask! We all want to pay for something that works right?' Secondly, will be the pink container and the berries smell where it made up of 8 different types of berries which rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C! It smells so good that i wanna bite my own lips. >.< Third, it worth of what you are paying for it

Laneige Lips Sleeping Mask 
RM70 per bottle [20g] 
Suitable for all skin types 

To conclude this post, my lips care recommendation is to have a good lips balm and a good pamper masks for your lips [in my case, they are Vaseline and Laneige]. You want to have a kissable lips instead of a dry and chapping one. ❤

Thanks for reading ... ❤
Stay Gorgeous! 

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