Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love Compatibility ... ❤

"It is not so much about how much compatible you are, but how you deal with compatibility." 

We have been fighting quite a bit recently and it fed me up. It is tiring and awful but they said it is just part of the relationship's stages. According to them [friends], after you have been through this stage of relationship, it will be a new stage where harmony will be restored OR the end of the relationship if there is no perseverance and love existed.

It is rare that you will ever come across with the same or even similar character as yours.
We come from different background with totally different beliefs, value as well as lifestyle, i find it unhealthy and wasteful to begin the day in the afternoon and go to bed late in the night but i have tried to adapt to a certain point that i'm giving up. I have my own peculiar habits as well which he finds it hard to adapt and he is persuading me to make a change but i insist. Having different habits is fine but the way we all deal with the differences...

"Isn't it tedious ..."
It is tedious to talk over the same thing again again and again. It is tedious to fight over the same thing again again and again. It is tedious to keep adapting to each other that you just ask yourself "What the hell is this?". Please tell me what i can do.

1. Understanding 
Tell yourself that everyone is different and everyone has their own character and please do not try to change them as they are who they are with their own unique character. Let them be themselves if you really want things to work out.

2. Mind your words 
If you find dealing with differences is tedious, please choose a better word in delivering your intended messages. The word you choose may trigger a different interpretation from what you meant to deliver.

3. Patient 
Patient is what we all lack. No matter how patient we wanna be, at a certain point, we all break down and get angry and all frustrated that we shout. The best thing to do when you are being shouted at is keep quiet and be calm so you don't say something you are not intended to which may make you regret about it. Never shout back ...

"The happiest couples never have the same character, they just have the best understanding of their differences."