Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Phenomenon in Club ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Have you been to clubbing?' I'm not here to stop you nor am i judging.

Recently i have been to one because of my bf's sister wedding celebration. She is from Australia [if i'm not mistaken xP] and her brother wants her to enjoy and experience how is it to party in KL.
I don't drink. I don't club. But i went there and eat my spicy french fries and it was super nice man! End of story.

While i was enjoying my spicy french fries and drinking my favorite sky juice, i observe people even though in the end you will end up having a super dry eyes due to all the cigarette's smoke. BUT it was fun! I don't mind sitting in there and observe people for the whole night but i may need a ear plug, eye drops, pillow, food, and sky juice as well as people who will protect me. I would like to be transparent in order for me to spy well ... You never know who you are going to see and what they will be doing in there, right?'

What i observe and what made me confuse ...

1. Girls in there are free to hug and kiss or even more?
It may sounds not-so-nice to girls who club but that's exactly what i see. Intimate physical contact can come from anyone even friends or someone from the table beside or some random guys. Couple who aren't couple were kissing ... Guy's hands could glide from waist to boobs' level. Guys approached with crotch area while dancing were enjoyable. For your information, this was when they're all sober. Anything else could happened when they are drunk. [There are girls who don't buy all this shit and just want to enjoy with friends but that is really rare.]

2. It is super easy to get girls' attention in there.
Want to know the secret?' Let me tell you. Count all the cash or open all the bottle you want. Girls will be like magnet searching for opposite side and approach. Needless to say, how difficult it is to get them into your room, right?' Oh My Gawd, i wish i'm a guy so that i can experience all this shit. I will be super fun, i guess. xD I actually suggested to my bf that he and his friends goes and get a table and enjoy with then i will be sitting at another table observing how and who will be attracted. He said NO~ :(

3. Guys are there to hunt. 
Prey and grope some boobs or so. When we were walking through the dance floor toward the exit, we passed by a lot of groups. Guys who intended to glide their hands "accidentally" through your waist or butt. Guys who wanted to ... Sorry! I can't really write out their intention [because i don't really know] but the obvious one is trying to have some intimate physical contact or even trying to get one or few girls home to their room. The first time i went to one, a group of guys actually handed me a drink but i didn't drink and they approached my friend which was pulled away by me later on. I heard comment like "Cheh ~ You thought you very beautiful ar?" xD Do you really want to know?

It is really fun to observe people in there. Nevertheless, it is so time-consuming that probably i could have done my 10-pages of assignment during that period. Oh yea ~ I could just bring in my laptop as well next time's round. What is really confusing me is that girls ~ Why are you so cheap?' Appreciate yourself more and stop letting random guys to touch or grope here and there, please ... Appreciate yourself more by stop drinking and smoking as well. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on plastic surgery or preservative dosage. Or else, trust me ... Sooner or later, you will be regret.

I totally have no idea what is the intention of guys clubbing other than getting girls for free ...
Someone told me that they wanted to relax due to all the stress they are having and to be honest, i don't really know how clubbing can soother your stress or even solve your problem. For girls, i heard that they are looking for rich people in there. Hmm ... I don't know you but i think it is better to be the one who is rich instead of trying to get someone who is rich.

That's all for today and please share with me your opinion or point of views.
Thanks for reading ... ❤


Trislynn Chan said...

Wait wait wait.......... You suggest your boyfriend?! You got boyfriend already!!!!!!!!

Arms said...

Nice point of view from a lady on clubbing ;) I too actually don't really like clubbing, even though I'm a guy. It's too loud. Can't even chat properly with your friends. I've concluded that going to clubbing means hanging out but no talk haha jk.

Another thing that I hate about clubbing, yes, smoke. I don't smoke, at all. But I do drink though. However, just the smell of smoke pisses me off. Just imagine the amount of smoke in clubs haha.

Well, blog walking here yo. Have a happy Friday!