Thursday, July 23, 2015

信愛成癮 = 浪費眼淚 ... ❤

I have a girlfriend who came across a conversation while going through her boyfriend's phone ... 

A conversation between her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend. 
"Do you miss me?" has appeared in the conversation. The song, <Lay Me Down> was sent which sent to her previously and she thought it was their song. "Can I Lay By Your Side // Next To You ... You // And Make Sure You're Alright // I'll Take Care of You ..." This was the part that was sent to both of the girls. 

When she confronted her boyfriend, the conversation has been deleted. 
And her boyfriend said it was just normal and casual conversation. He sent the song for fun. He didn't mean anything like that. 

She asked is there possibility that you guys  getting back together? 
He said NO ... Because she is engaged. 

There was more messages apologizing that she (ex-girlfriend) texted him. "I must be out of my mind when i sent you this text ... But no worry. I just want to find out whether you are doing fine." "Do you miss me?" Every betrayal started somewhere. Somewhere like this. 

From a guy's perspective, you will think that it is normal by the way they greet and talk. 
But from a girl's perspective, it is never like that. It is more than that. A girl will never text her ex for casual conversation. There must be something that she wants from him. Either this or that ... 

In the first place, she thought it must not be a big deal because he kept the conversation in his phone. But with her declared previously that she isn't going to check his phone. It was deleted later on. They fought and argued about the fact that he is allowing her to stick with him all the time and seeing every friends of him. 

It wasn't a cheating scene ... 
It was more on a disrespectful act to her. She felt disappointed. She felt betrayed. She felt disrespectful. She couldn't get through the fact that it was just a normal conversation. She wanted to leave ...

我都已經 選擇原諒你再愛一回

The girl chose to let it go. 
She didn't want to dwell on it anymore. It affected her way of thinking in the relationship as well as everything she does in her normal routine. 

What was he thinking? What if he was the one who found out this kind of conversation in her phone? Will he take her side and say the same exact thing he just said to her? 

Don't cheat! 
If you are unhappy, just leave. 

愛你浪費時間 恨你浪費眼淚
相信你的誓言 還不如去相信 這個世界上有鬼
當你表演可憐 甚至掉下眼淚
想挽回 想得太美
明天還在等我 麻煩請你靠一邊

If thing ever happens, just tell yourself this. 

我懂愛不是無所不能 但至少愛了就有可能
地球是圓的 愛會圓滿的 何必在乎沿途有多曲折

害怕愛了結局很殘忍 到最後變成了愛無能
這樣的人生 太不痛癢了 我才不要這種平安喜樂

The girl is me. 

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