Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Day in Desa ParkCity with Dogs ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How are you guys doing?' Hope everything is fine. 

Took a day off after final exam and went to Desa Parkcity to relax. 
Request boyfie to bring us - me, Miley and Riley to Desa Parkcity. I request to bring Miley & Riley out to Desa Parkcity for a walk since they are just always in the compound. Wanna see them social with other dogs and relax a bit... But it turned out, i'm more exhausted than ever! Walking a dog is never easy, no matter what size they are! xD Now, my car is furry than ever! A car wash is needed urgently! xD 
Waiting excitedly for Human Daddy to get me a leash ...  

I would really recommend that to put a seat belt over them or hold them because they will lose their balance and knock on something when you step emergency brake, especially when they are alone at the back! Not to mention that they do not know how to use their hands to stop from crashing their face into something ... >.< 
My funky tail is up in the air ... xD 
Priority seat! :( 

Bring them there if you are free ... 
It was so relaxing and ecstatic to see them so happy and playing around. But make sure you are alert where is your dog and which dog is it with ... Be sure that you are within a safe distance that able to pull it away if they started fighting or something else ... A leash is a must! 

Thanks for reading ... ❤
Hope you enjoy! 

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