Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Twenty3, Zalora & Love, Bonito ... ❤


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Today we are going to talk about ONLINE SHOPPING
Previously, i was avoiding buying things online especially clothes by virtue of the quality and size where i couldn't try it on to see whether it looks nice on me and what arrive may be different from what we see from the pictures being shown. Still, you can't try it on. But i have tried to shop online and i think i'm addicted to the spree ... >.< 

I have shopped with 3 online retailers and they are Twenty3, Zalora and Love, Bonito which is based in Singapore. I would like to share with you guys my experience in regards of their quality and delivery efficiency. 

First, we are going to talk about Twenty3 ... 
Before i place my order, i actually ask my friend what does she think about Twenty3 because she is an online shopper. She told me about the rumor saying that their clothes is from TaoBao and the quality, she doesn't really like it. Therefore, i bought Modiri Skirt to have a try on their quality and with their promotion, i bought a second piece which is a Kayleen Dress

I don't like the quality of their Modiri Skirt. 
I was expecting Neon Yellow but it turned out to be light yellow and the zip is a bit problematic. I haven't had the occasion to put it on. Regarding the Kayleen Dress, i like the quality. Zip is fine as well. I love how i look like when i have it on. In regards of their delivery efficiency, I like them the most! They deliver your item to your doorstep the very next day! But if you were to delay it on notice, then you have to remind them to send out your parcel. 

Second, will be Zalora and i bet everyone know about it.
They have their own brand with variety of design as well as carrying brands like TopShop, Maxqullo, Mango, and so on. It is really subjective on the quality level. Some commented that Zalora gives them heart attack, some don't like the quality of it, and some find them quite good with their quality in terms of delivery, service, and the quality of the clothes. 

I have bought clothes which is their own label as well as from other renowned brands like Mango. There is no doubt on the quality of renowned brands. There wasn't any defect on my items as well. On their own label, i'm fine with their quality. Their delivery efficiency is slightly slower than Twenty3 and some items may take around 1 week or more to be arrived. 

Third, will be Love, Bonito which is based in Singapore. 
Needless to say that if you were to buy anything, you have to take note on the currency. People have been telling me how great their quality are but i would really say otherwise. The striped culottes that i have bought less than a month ago, tiny little balls has started to 'grow' on it like it is a long-long-time pants. But undeniable that they have really lots selection and design. It takes around 1 week for my item to be arrived. 

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