Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Response to Maxis Uproar ... ♥

Hello guys ... :) 
I heard about the Maxis complaint incident but I have not been following. I'm kind of a Maxis user but not their postpaid customers. My experience with them is limited but below is based on common sense and my limited experience. 

1. You signed the contract. 
As a consumer, we cannot expect a Maxis customer service officer to compare the price with you and said "U Telco is cheaper and we are the most expensive Telco in Malaysia ...". We as a consumer have the responsibilities to compare the price ourselves before we signed any contract with any Telco. GOOGLE is the best friend on this. In contract law, you agreed on every clauses in the contract once you signed the contract whether you have read or acknowledged because it is your job to make sure you know what you are signing. Once you signed, you agreed with the price as well. WHY COMPLAIN? It is rather reflecting your ir-responsibilities and your ability to make a good decision that you won't complain about it. 

2. Thank you as a D Telco users. 
Your complain have made a game change in telco industry. My telco upgrade my internet plan from 8GB to 20GB as well. Thank you but i don't think it is necessary. But i won't reject it if the price remained. Who doesn't want a better benefit? But from the perspective of business owner, i quite sympathy them. They provide what they think is best to their customer, consumer choose what they think is best for themselves. Look for substitutes if you like. Easy as that. Why with the uproar? 

3. Don't ever expect to satisfy human. 
When you give them 20GB, they asked for downgrade. When you free them extra 5GB, they said too much, Internet is not the issue. Consumer wants the best of everything with the lowest price, understandable. Business wants the best profit, understandable as well. There are so many choices out there, no one force anyone to be contracted with Maxis, correct? Don't follow, make your own judgement. Maxis does have their advantages over other telco, such as good reception in high-rise building which my telco cannot provide that. 

4. Try your very least to improve the helpline performance. 
I got only one minimum problem that i wish Maxis to improve and it is their helpline. I really can't stand how long they take to answer a phone call. Every telco or at least 3 main telcos will definitely experience high-call volume but why and how come others do not hold their customers that long? Maybe prioritize calls or get more staffs in? 

I swear that i wrote this objectively without any prejudice or bias.
People started to take granted of the social media and i think Maxis is just one of the cyberbully victim.

Good Luck, Maxis.
Signing off, 

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