Thursday, April 7, 2016

[REVIEW] Smokehouse Hotel @ Cameron Highland ... ♥

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As you can see I have commitment issue, I can't commit myself to an up-to-date blog. Sorry!

Visited Cameron Highland for a quick getaways and I would like to review on my accommodation that i booked through I believe people needs a genuine and delicate review on the accommodation to make sure a nice and comfortable stay is guaranteed. I reserved a unit of Deluxe Double Room with 1 queen bed, at Smokehouse Hotel, Tanah Rata along with mountain view, free breakfast and free wireless internet (according to my online itinerary). 

I was fascinated with the building and the environment when I was going through various choices and decided on this one as my objective of this getaways was to be as relax as possible. We accidentally left our charger at home, both of us actually put down our phone for the first time? It was great as we really put down the phone and relax. Below are some picture taken by me:-

1. Breakfast. I was having heart attack when i was going through the breakfast menu they presented to us. But you don't really have to look at the menu because their waitress actually ask you on your preference like croissant or muffin and omelette or scramble egg. I was quite shocked because i thought all they serve was only croissant/muffin, juice, cereal/porridge, and eggs. The most scariest thing was thinking of whether he will complain. >.< Luckily, a big American breakfast save my ass. Good trick. We were so satisfied in the end. 
2. Environment. As you can see from the pictures above, there are flowers everywhere. It made you happy by seeing it! It is the best getaways accommodation building! Unfortunately, didn't get to take narcissistic photos of myself because of the need of batteries for later on. >.< 

1. The room given. The room given to me was more like standard, it was not spacious at all compare to the picture i saw from the booking apps. Quite disappointed. As it costed me RM400 to get a standard room when my friend paid RM800 to get a suite with 2 room with Smokehouse Hotel? =.= Refer to the picture below. 
2. Bed. I don't know. I can hear "Yi Yi Yi" sound in my sleep when my partner was turning his body. Imagine, what about couple? I was quite embarrassed as i booked the room and it costed RM400 but with a cranky bed? Hmm ... 
3. Wireless Internet. Their Wifi was not working properly. It wasn't well-connected in the room we stayed.
4. Bad soundproof. I am a very cautious person that can be waked by just a little disturbance sound. They have bad soundproof that keep waking me up. This is quite subjective, I didn't hear any toilet-flushing from next door but i can hear when they shut their door even with our window shut tight! 

Below is the picture i feel comfortable to share with you guys as i don't feel right showing the toilet and so on (it is not glam and not match the beautiful pictures above). As you can see from the picture, there is a dressing table on the left side and the door is just right beside, so normally and for real there will not be spaces after the door and in fact there wasn't much walking space between the bed and TV. Deluxe? Hmm ... 

Above is my genuine review on my accommodation at Cameron Highland.
I would rate them 3.5 / 5.0. 3 for the environment and services, 0.5 for the room.
Thanks for reading. 

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