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Stages of Relationship Growth ... ♥

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No matter how independent you were, once you are in a relationship, you become dependent. 
I used to travel alone from A to B happily, now i blame him for not sending or coming with me even just 10 out of 100 occasions. I used to be emotional independent that hardly any person can influence my mood, now within 3 seconds it may charged with anger, frustration, and irritation from bickering or argument with the other half. I used to have and enjoy my time alone, now i would rather have some activities together. I used to ... Tough!

Nature makes sure we fall in love with the most incompatible person in the entire universe ... 
I found distasteful for whom driving a noisy car. I have an aversion to whom smoke. I found it absurd that someone doesn't know how to take care of his health and how to manage his own daily chore. The statement above is true. Factual! I'm falling in love with whom i have never thought of having a relationship with before.

Relationship Growth Stages - Power Struggle Stage 
Here is when we focus on differences & flaws of the other half. There are 2 ways most couples deals with the Power Struggle Stage: 1. Break Up or 2. Survive. I would say the 3rd one is Avoidance. Once they realize the differences and flaws, they avoid. In order to go through this stage, couples need to have in mind that the outcome of this whole relationship is to make things work. Below are some useful tips to overcome this stage for you guys:-
  • accept and appreciate each other’s differences
  • learn to share power, and realize that using force will never get you what you want in love
  • realize who you are and what you have (as a couple)
  • give up your fantasies of harmony without struggle
  • surrender to life just the way it is
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"Because we are in a relationship and they are ..." 
This is how we take granted of things. We think that in a relationship means we can stop putting effort in talking, communicating, learning about each other or even take the other half into consideration. People may get better treatment from your the other half than what you get from your the other half. People will have the chance of trying even though things look unworkable in the first place and because you are in a relationship with him, your unworkable things get thrown into dustbin straight away. Listening to the other half become a huge and tough task. We start to wish that things can get our way and we start to force the other half to change. 

Friend's advice is great in how to deal with this kind of behavior or attitude from the other half but those are not able to solve problems. Because the problems are US. Once one party stop making effort, nothing will move. Relationship growth will come to a stop as well. 

Be positive. 
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